BART Scheduler

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BART Scheduler is a PalmOS application that determines the appropriate BART trains to take between two stations, given an approximate time to leave or arrive.



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Libbarteta - A C library used to parse BART ETA feed data into a more usable form.

The Bay Area Rapid Transit district, BART, publishes their train arrival data in an xml document that is updated once a minute. This service is very nice, but to use the data in a C or C++ program, the data must be parsed into structures. This library uses libxml2 to parse the BART data into C structures.

Reactive4java - A generic reactive- and interactive programming framework for Java and GWT

"Without an observer, the world observed doesn't really exist either." - 101 Sci-fi stories Current version: 0.96 Java 2012-01-26 10:30:00 CET, JavaDoc, Release Notes, Install Notes IntroductionThe library features composable operators for typical collection-like management tasks for both reactive (e.g., Observable) and interactive (Iterable) scenarios: select selectMany where concat distinct groupBy etc. RequirementsJava 6 or later JSR 305 annotation library (download jsr305.jar from this proje

dnode-bart.rb - ruby dnode server for querying BART schedules

ruby dnode server for querying BART schedules

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