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Related Projects

barby - The Ruby barcode generator

The Ruby barcode generator

Test-reporter - sends test results to

Test::Reporter reports the test results of any given distribution to the CPAN Testers. Test::Reporter has wide support for various perl5's and platforms.For further information visit: There is also now a CPAN Tester's Wiki, courtesy of Barbie: This project's master source repository resides at:git://

Tucss - Thunderbird Usability CSS

Provides a userChrome.css for Thunderbird, Lightning, and other extensions (as the need arises -- currently includes XNote) to make these wonderful pieces of software do the one thing they don't: integrate properly with the user's desktop. Instructions: 1) download userChrome.css 2) place into the "chrome" directory in the profile dir for your installation of Thunderbird (you will most likely have to make this directory). To find your profile, check out this link:

Frontal - An intuitive markup & scripting language that generates Flash.

Frontal is a markup and scripting language based on HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript. By embracing these well-known and successful technologies, we believe that we have given developers and designers a great new, open way to work with rich media. Our guiding principles for this approach are: Flash should be simple & easy. Designers shouldn't have to toil their way through multiple development environments to get something running. Rich media needs to be web-native. Full SEO, deep linking, and seamless

barpy - Barby goes python

Barby goes python

has_barcode - Nice class method wrapper for barby

Nice class method wrapper for barby

arena_barby - The patched version of the barby 0.3.2 gem

The patched version of the barby 0.3.2 gem

code2barcode - Simple code 2 barcode web-app based on barby

Simple code 2 barcode web-app based on barby