Multi-Armed Bandit

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The bandit project is a repository of the various known algorithmic solutions for the multi-armed bandit problem. The project is also a repository of several datasets that could be used for benchmarking purposes.



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RSS Bandit is a free application that allows you to read news feeds (both RSS and Atom feeds) and download podcasts from your desktop. It also can synchronize with your feeds in Google Reader and the Facebook news feed.

Banditking - Bandit King module for Mount and Blade .89x

"The Bandit King" Module for Mount and Blade versions 0.89x ( This module intends to increase playability by broadening the play options for neutral players as well as correcting several smaller design oversights. ~------------------------------------------------------------~

Bandit-websync - Bandit WebSync

A website plugin used to instantly convert static websites into web applications. Bandit will take care of all the in and out of a request, leaving you with a website devoid of static requests. Great for sites based around artwork and flow, or for anything with a feature that cannot be interrupted (chat boxes, music players, video players, etc). All URL's generated by Bandit are completely share-able, and as such Bandit does not break the portability of your site. It is designed to be completely

Rockbandit - .NET project for playing RockBand

RockBandit is a custom solution for playing RockBand based on screenshots from a live web-camera.

Go-mqp-d10 - Go UCT-Infinite MQP for D10

This is the project page for the WPI Major Qualifying Project entitled "UCT-Infinite in Computer Go". We will be extending the Fuego library to take advantage of the idea of UCB-Infinite models of infinitely-many-armed bandit problems in the UCT algorithm used by Fuego.

Nabooo - STAR ONE

un jeu pour a plusieurs utilisateur qui consiste a livrer des colis dans a des particulier; en respectant des contrainte de temps de sécurité ; - et plus de livraison et plus de gain - avec la concurrence (tous les autres) - avec des predateur(bandit, ;.....) - des contrôleurs de qualité et du code de conduite et de sécurité .............


The CMS-Bandits is a set of php scripts, with online html editor, calendar, search engine, rss reader, revision log, personal nickpage, comment system, webcrawler and even more.

BanditsBook - Code for my book on Multi-Armed Bandit Algorithms

Code for my book on Multi-Armed Bandit Algorithms