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Basic ANt Dependencies AIn't Difficult - adds basic inter-project dependency facilities to the Apache Ant build tool.



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Cowbell - A collection of MarkupExtension classes for making XAML more expressive

A Poem on XAMLWe programmers, as you know, have malformed brains. Most of the time we tend to think like engineers, but if you give a regular engineer a new tool, the engineer will say "Thank you for this interesting tool. I will keep it in mind if a problem arises that seems to require it." A programmer, on the other hand, given a tool like XAML, starts to think: "This is very cool. I wonder what I can do with this in the absence of all other tools. What it would be like to live on Planet XAML?

bandaid-admin - Admin pages for Bandaid

Admin pages for Bandaid


BandaidCMS is a mini CMS designed with PHP, MySQL and jQuery for easy intergrade with MyBB Forum software.

nypd-crash-data-bandaid - nypd traffic crash data has a booboo. this eases the pain.

nypd traffic crash data has a booboo. this eases the pain.


(Production) Find concerts in San Francisco for tonight, then perhaps find a bite to eat, and a brew before the show.


An AutoCAD add-on that automatically mends broken xref links due to file renaming