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An experimental Java project to find the most efficient strategy of playing Bannagrams, the popular game that I take absolutely no credit for inventing.



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BANANA Platform

BANANA Platform is a set of utilities for ASP.NET and C#. It provides with 4 languages(English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese).

Make-it-easy - A tiny framework that makes it easy to write Test Data Builders in Java

A tiny framework that makes it easy to write Test Data Builders in Java Test Data Builders are described in the book Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests by Steve Freeman and Nat Pryce. This library lets you write Test Data Builders with much less duplication and boilerplate code than the approach described in the book. ExampleConsider the following class hierarchy. This hierarchy illustrates a couple of complicating factors: there is an abstract base class and there is a property (

Pygorillas - A clone of the classic Gorillas'N'Bananas game using PyGame.

Two warring gorillas stand atop skyscrapers at opposing sides of the screen. Clouds float across the top of the screen... menacingly. Gorillas take turns hurling explosive bananas at each other. Users determine where their bananas go by setting angle and speed separately using sliders at the bottom of the screen.

Bananas-plus - Bananas Plus TiVo HME SDK

The Bananas SDK was a good start, but now that TiVo has evolved to support multiple resolutions, the Bananas SDK needs to be enhanced for multiple resolutions. The largest problem with the Bananas SDK is the standard practice of hardcoding layout dimensions and font sizes. Bananas Plus seeks to eliminate that and have the skin define the layout sizes depending on the resolution. In addition Bananas Plus adds a few extra cool widgets. Some advantages to using Bananas Plus over plain BananasThere

Bananacompiler - a java-based compiler for a lnew language called banana

compiler for a new language being developed by 3 students of the university of qundio.

Bananawire - Java XDCC Client - World Fastest Movie Downloader !

Bananawire was developed for third world country (like Malaysia) which has very slow internet connection to enable internet users to download big files on very slow internet connection. User just need to edit banana.ini file and the program will take care all the rest. It used PIRCbot Java API framework. Please read the wiki completely before using the program. I like to make friend. You can find me on facebook. My email is tan dot sematan alias gmail dot com

Banana Kernel

The Banana Kernel is an open-source pedagogical operating system intended to provide useful means for teaching basic OS concepts, with the possibility of interaction with external modules developed by the teacher or student.

teretere: cocorails + banana on Eclipse

Teretere (meaning:travelers/traveling in Tahitian) hosts 2 projects: Cocorails, a Ruby on Rails IDE based on Eclipse and Banana, an Eclipse-based IDE and plugins for web, HTML,CSS, JavaScript amp; Ajax development

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