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A dynamic package manager with a virtual file system interface. Keep track of files installed from a source tarball and easily remove those files. Simply copying files from /usr/src/{package name} will automaticly create a package.



Related Projects


We present an improved ball and stick representation called HyperBalls. This type of depiction is particularly useful to represent dynamic phenomena, such as the evolution of non covalent bonds and takes advantage of GPU capabilities.

Sets as Boxes

A simple tool for visualizing finite sets as cardboard boxes. Boxes nest and contain numbers/balls to give a basic intuition for students first learning about sets. 3D visualization done via OpenGL.


An OpenGL Billard Game based on foobillard 3.0a with patches, new features (hud, jumpshots, correct detection of lost balls, more sound and graphics etc). Optimized for touch. New designed mouse / touch-control. On Facebook: Some Videos:


Zaz ain't Z*** is a puzzle game where the player has to arrange balls in triplets.

Julia - Plotting and visualization of fractals generated by dynamical systems of julia sets

Julia is a Java based application for plotting fractals based on julia sets. This program is a specialized tool for the study of various dynamical systems. It was developed at Ball State University by Dr. Richard Stankewitz and various undergraduate and graduate Java developers.

Electron Soccer

A game where you control a red or green ball trying to score the white ball into the opponent's gate.

balls - Bash on Balls

Bash on Balls

Quantum Minigolf

Quantum Minigolf is a computer game visualizing quantum mechanics. It is the same as the game quot;minigolfquot; except that the ball moves according to the laws of quantum mechanics. Such a ball can be at several places at once and diffracts around obstacles.


Multifario is a C API for computing manifolds. The manifold is represented as a atlas of charts whose domains are balls. Multifario can compute implicitly defined manifolds and invariant manifolds. Continuation, Bifurcation.

Packinon: Polyhedra, Packing, Spheres

Programs for the algorithmic distribution of points, especially in or on spheres, and the analysis and display of these distributions. Areas of interest include ball packs, shell packs, polyhedra and cellular automata.