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Ballistic is a 2D, side-scrolling, action game.



Related Projects


Arrowmatcher is a ballistics software for crossbow archers. It can calculate the speed, kinetic energy, trajectory, aiming solution and much more of an arrow (or bullet). It uses a simplified 6 degree of freedom model.

Vortextanks - ballistic tank game within a force field

You will be able to control a tank and battle against each other by throwing ballistic projectiles. The clue is however that the ballistics are influenced by a force field.


pyBallistics is a graphical small arms ballistics program used to calculate ballistic coefficients, and model bullet trajectories. Future improvements will be a reloading database, and web links to industry reloading data.

GNU Exterior Ballistics Computer

A graphical interface for solving exterior ballistics problems, based on the excellent GNU exterior ballistics library. This software generates valid 3-DOF solutions to small arms trajectories, including wind and atmospheric corrections.

Zero Ballistics

Zero Ballistics is a unique blend of first person shooter and tank combat, focusing on multiplayer gaming exclusively.

Space Ballistics

Space Ballistics is arcade game like Amiga's Gravity Wars. You need set angle and torpedo power to hit enemy, but gravitation from some planet make trajectory not easy.

Chamber Interior Ballistics

chamber is a reactive hydrodynamic modeling tool specifically designed for small arms interior ballistics research. Multiple equations of state and burn models are supported. chamber is an adaptation of the BKW, SIN, 2DL and 2DE codes in one package.

Simulate-ballistic - Simulation of Ballistic Curve

Simulation of Ballistic Curve project