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Balie - BAseLine Information Extraction (in Java) This project is not maintained anymore.



Related Projects

Kalender-bali - Penyusunan Kalender Bali dengan aplikaasi berbasis web

ini adalah kalender bali yang dapat diakses melalui web, menggunakan bahasa pemrograman PHP.

Bali-pool - A innovative CMS: using PHP5 (no MySQL) and designed to be easily scalable and distribut

The BALI project will bring a new generation of CMS. Build on top of PHP5 (and no MySQL database), it will allow users to efficiently build websites. Your website becomes famous and need some load balancing over several servers ? No need to deal with complicated server configurations. Bali will ditribute easily your website over differents hosting platform. (As the name Bali is already reserved by another project, the full name of this project will be BALI pool :P )


Bali stands for Bean AssembLy Instructions and is built on top of the java.beans.beancontext API. Bali simplifies this API by providing classes that build a BeanContext hierarchy based on a simple XML file.

BaliHB's scripts

My scripts I've made (or modified) to make my life easier.

Balionweb - BaliOnWeb's open source project

Key to build quality code is about test. In this simple tutorial project, Bali will show you 1) why test, 2) what is test, 3) how to test. You can also visit my blog for more relative info:

Balisunrise-nbp - Bali Sunrise - NetBeans Plataform Application

Bali Sunrise - NetBeans Plataform Application Aplicativo Desktop baseado na plataforma NetBeans para a API Bali Sunrise. Está é a implementação principal, para desktop, da Visual Entity API, ficando separado deste projeto apenas a Visual Entity API, Bindings e DAO.