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Bailey is a scalable, reliable, distributed document database.



Related Projects

Empire Server

Empire - A multi-player, client/server Internet based war game. Copyright (C) 1986-2013, Dave Pare, Jeff Bailey, Thomas Ruschak, Ken Stevens, Steve McClure, Markus Armbruster

Pi-hex-screensaver - Screensaver which computes Pi in hexadecimal using the BBP alogrithm

A screensaver which compute Pi in hexadecimal. The program uses the BBP algorithm which allows the screensaver the ability to resume calculations of Pi from previous screensaver sessions. A more detailed description can be found at Note: A C implementation of David H. Bailey's algorithm was ported to C# to make this program possible (piqpr8.c was ported to C#, see, I do not claim entire cre

Webdkp-ru - webdkp by Scott Bailey modified by fans to support ruRU WoW locale

(in English) An attempt to make WebDKP release 69 by Scott Bailey support ruRU WoW locale and Cyrillic characters in guild, character, realm names, and everywhere else, where applicable, by implementing full UTF-8 support and web interface localization system. System requirements are almost the same as for the original version: PHP version 5 (with short open tag support and php_curl extension) MySQL version 4.1 and above Apache version 2 and above (with mod_rewrite module) (по-ру��ки) П

Mashup-n-alex-bailey-1 - Digg

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.

Irdevcamp - Projects created by particiapants in the inRESONANCE Developer Camp

Twice a year, in spring and fall, inRESONANCE hosts a three-day meeting for FileMaker developers to work in collaboration on open source projects to benefit independent schools. These face-to-face conferences, termed "iR DevCamp," complement the ongoing work produced online through the iR Developer Community. Our next iR DevCamp will take place from November 10–12, 2010, in Northampton, Massachusetts, USA. As always, there will be opportunities for virtual participation, but all agree that not

Andriodgaming - Mobile Game for Android Cellular Phones

Android Defenders This project is a space shoot-em-up game for the Android phone. Designed as a CSCE 492 Project at USC Columbia. Developed by: Josh Bailey, Willis Falls, Mike Helms, Allison Hepburn, and Keith Walker Android Defenders is a videogame for the Android Operating System. It is an alien shooter, with an Android antagonist who fights Microsoft and Apple aliens and monsters. The Android travels through space, shooting aliens and gaining points on his adventure. The game includes power-u

Apocalypse-farmer - Grow your fledgling society to rival the great pre-apocalyptic super powers!

Apocalypse Farmer is an Adobe Flash/Action Script 3 web game. Rules are discussed in the Core Mechanics Document available in the Downloads section. Generally speaking, you are the leader of a post-apocalyptic community. You must do what it takes to survive: grow your economy, build your armies, and extend your influence over the remainder of the world. By using this software you are bound by the terms and conditions set forth in the End User License Agreement found in the downloads section of t

Streamtr - A framework to model transcrptional regulation using static thermodynamic models

STREAM - Static Thermodynamic REgulAtory Model of transcription, is a bioinformatics application for researchers, who want to model the transcriptional regulation of a specific gene and predict its transcriptional output in different situations. IntroductionSTREAM is the first publicly available framework for modeling, visualizing, and predicting the regulation of the transcription rate of a target gene. Understanding transcriptional regulation of a gene in detail is a crucial step towards uncov

Goblin-cmu - Probabilistic Graphical Models for Molecular Modeling

Goblin is a java-based tool for molecular modeling. It models Boltzmann distributions using probabilistic graphical models. It can perform free energy calculations and in-silico mutations. Future releases will enable protein and drug design and include the java source. Goblin was developed by Hetunandan Kamisetty and Christopher Langmead from the Department of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. Funding is gratefully acknowledged from the U.S. National Science Foundation and the Depa