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baduK is a pattern analysis and search engine for the game of Go/Baduk/Weiqi. An ancient boardgame common in Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan. Features multiple databases, game previews and instant pattern matches. Developed using C++ and Qt 4.1.4



Related Projects

Tiny Go

Tiny Go is a MIDlet (cell phone application, MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.1), which allows to play and review Go (Weiqi, Igo, Baduk) board game files in Smart Game Format (SGF). Supports problem solving. Project provides library for SGF parsing as separate package.

gnomego - Go,Weiqi,Baduk for gnome

GnomeGo is a gnome HIG compatbile frontend for gnugo. It also features human vs. human play, adds a nautilus sgf file preview and a gnome screensaver playing bundled professional games.

Tex-baduk - ConTeXt module for typesetting Go/Baduk/WeiQi diagrams

baduk.tex is a ConTeXt Mk.IV module for typesetting Go/Baduk/WeiQi diagrams and games. It needs LuaTeX and MPLib library.

Gameofgo-wave-gadget - Go Board for Google-Wave

You can play and analyze the game of go (baduk) with this Googe Wave Gadget

Lispgo - Common Lisp implementation of a library for the game of Go

The goal of this project is to create a set of libraries/tools/apps for the game of Go (also known as weiqi and baduk)

Akademiago - portal dla graczy Go

aplikacji na bazie frameworka symfony

Go Class Library

A managed class library written in C# that provides classes for the game of Go (Igo/Weiqi/Baduk). The library supports variations, scoring, and saving and loading to and from SGF format.

SGF Editor

SGF Editor reads/writes .sgf files, edits Go game trees, etc. It has several useful commands for reviewing games. For searching purposes: goban, baduk, weiqi.