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FreePascal, Lazarus app... (could be nice if u added freepascal(FPC) to the tab programming lang....) Simpel Gui for makeing backup scripts... where the file get saved wit history... (every file change...) NB downloadabel true CVS:



Related Projects

Rubys3backupscript - A simple script that takes a list of files from a yml and backs it up to S3

A simple script that takes a list of files from a yml and backs it up to S3. It's configurable to backup in 10 minute, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, and 1 year increments. This is only the beta version. More refining to the increments has yet to be done. Notes on configuration are in both conscript and the example yaml provided.

Arinet Automatic Postgresql BackupScript

Automatic Postgresql backup script. Daily, weekly, monthly. Backup rotation. Remote backup.

Gsmtp - used to send emails with google's smtp

GSmtp is a command line smtp mailer optimized for google's smtp server using tls. Its purpose is to quickly send out emails in e.g. backupscripts. It supports multiple attachments. It can be used with gmail accounts but also with google apps accounts set up for mail. No configuration needed. Example Gmail: ./ --username="" --password=thePassword --from="" --to="" --subject="Testemail dude" --message="what I am here for is..." --attac

Diffbackup - differential backupscript

Create and recover backupdata by differential save in perl

Taurus-backup - Linux backupscript using tar pipes

Taurus - simple linux backup using tar pipesExample: > taurus --create /mnt/backup/frank /home/frank ## create a repository> taurus --update /mnt/backup/frank ## copy over new or modified files. backup old stuff.> taurus --restore /mnt/backup/frank /home/frank/important ## restore lost filesTaurus copies only the updated files from a given sourcedir to a backup 'repository' dir, excluding some optional exclude patterns, using a tar pipe with a 'level 1' snapshot as described here: http://www.gnu

Gmang-tf2hud - A Pragmatic TF2 HUD

General InfoCurrent version: Beta 28 (2012 May 3) Screenshots still quite outdated, sorry. :S The G-Mang TF2 HUD is a Team Fortress 2 interface that focuses on practicality over aesthetics. It's derived from Valve's minmode HUD (minmode now just toggles 12p and 32p scoreboard) and is not meant to be compatible with other HUDs. If you'd like announcements on HUD updates, you can join the G-Mang HUD Updates steam group. Supported aspect ratios are 5:4, 4:3, 16:10, 16:9, 2:1, preferred resolution 1

backupscript - Simple backup-script using rdiff-backup(1)

Simple backup-script using rdiff-backup(1)

ruby-duplicity-wrapper - Fork of's ruby backup-script for duplicity

Fork of's ruby backup-script for duplicity

BackUp-Script - Script backup in haste.

Script backup in haste.