backup2l - low maintenance backup tool

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backup2l is a lightweight tool for generating, maintaining and restoring backups on a mountable file system. The main design goals are low maintenance effort, efficiency, transparency and robustness.



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Hotzimbra - Zimbra Hot Backup Restore Tool

Tool to create and restore backups of Zimbra open source. Zimbra Backup and Restore "hot". By Richardson Lima Developed in Bash Script, but currently under development in the Python programming language. BACKUP Script 1 This script must be run as root, it runs the script and also sends the entire backup to a second machine. echo "*******************************************************"echo "* Zimbra - Backup all email accounts *"echo "****

Memagent - simple but useful proxy program for memcached

magent is a simple but useful proxy program for memcached servers. It features:keeps connections to memcached servers supports following memcached commands get gets delete incr decr add set replace prepend append cas event-driven by using libevent library supports ketama algorithm backup servers farm unix domain socket Usage: -h this message -u uid -g gid -p port, default is 11211. (0 to disable tcp support) -s ip:port, set memcached server ip and port -b ip:port, set backup memcached server ip

Save-simply-your-san - A simple tool in order to back-up your SAN switches configurations (Cisco, Br

A simple tool which make the configuration's backup of your SAN switches simple and easy. It actually works with Cisco, Brocade and McData switches and allows you to get the configuration of your switch by SCP or FTP. You don't need to install or configure a SSH or a FTP server on your computer. It is a command-line program that connect with SSH to your switch. The support of telnet connections will come soon. It use differents components : Paramiko, pyftpdlib. The support of the TFTP protocol d

Baubau - backup tool that uses rpmdb information to build archives of only new or modified files

'baubau' is a multithreaded backup tool written in python. It aims to create a backup of all unrecoverable files which either don't belong to any package or have been modified. The logic behind it is fairly simple: the main loop walks the file-system searching for files a second thread checks whether the file belongs to a package (using information from rpmdb) if the file belongs to a package, a third thread compares it against the rpm database (size and eventually md5 checksum) all modified fil

Pybarry - A Python Module for the Barry Library

SummaryA Python module that allows direct access to a BlackBerry device through a USB connection. The module uses the Barry Library: IntroductionThe Barry Library allows Linux users to connect to their BlackBerry devices through USB directly. The Barry project was created due to a lack of support for BlackBerry owners using Linux. In addition to the library, Barry also features a number of tools that mimic the standard set of RIM tools allowing for loading or saving mod

Caritang - Backup N900 documents to google docs

This is a simple application to upload selected documents from the N900 to a google docs account. RequirementCaritang requires gdata 2.0.9. You can download the python package here InstallationDownload the source package and run python install. UsageGraphic user interfaceSince version 0.4.0 an usable gui is available. The installation create an icon in the program list of the N900. You can add it as a shortcut on the desktop. Only the basic feature work: you can backup the default N900

Ftpsync2d - A bidirectional tool to synchronize remote and local directory trees using FTP.

This project provides a tool to synchronize remote FTP and local directory trees in both directions. The tool is provided as a Python script ( that can be useful for uploading new/modified files to a homepage host using FTP. The tool can also be used to download new/modified files (such as wiki pages) for backup or mirroring purposes. In both usage cases, the tool requires write access to FTP server to create .listing files that are used to accelerate the synchronization process. Down

Inera-medcert - Applikation för hantering av medicinska intyg

Medcert 1.22012-03-23 Ny release 1.2 med förbättrad hantering av frågor och svar finns nu tillgänglig för nedladdning, läs mer på: Medcert Release Beskrivning Dokumentation Distribution (28MB) Testtjänst (med vissa begränsningar) Medcert 1.2IntroduktionAdmindokumentationBeroenden till externa system för applikationenAnvändardokumentationDriftsdokumentationTeknisk dokumentationUtveckling och test IntroduktionApplikation för hantering av frågor och svar kring ett läkarintyg samt hant

Boxfs - A FUSE filesystem to access files on your account

boxfsProject infoboxfs is a FUSE-based filesystem that lets you mount your account to a local directory. It interfaces whe storage service using their OpenBox API . boxfs is licensed under the GPLv2, and comes with no warranty. Quickstart guideCompiling the sourcesSee the Compiling page UsageUsage: boxfs [options] [mountPoint] [FUSE Mount Options]Common options: -u login email/username -p password password -f conffile file containing configuration options -v turn

Superscaffold - Scaffold to create PHP application with serious resources

Here is more updated: Super ScaffoldAutomatic Application Translated from Portuguese Brazilian into English by Google Translate Work in PHP with MySQL and PostgreSQL. Knowing the capacity of the computer, my intention was something like: "Make an application to my database of customers in PostgreSQL." That would be a dialogue with the computer, which immediately and automatically creates an application beautiful and