Backstab database engine

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Backstab is a free database engine construction set for OCaml.



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Video-scholar - A tool that helps you improve from watching videos.

NOTICEVideo Scholar is no longer under development. After being able to try Video Scholar, I've come to the realization that timelines are too simple to capture the most important information from a skill-learning video. I've written my results in my analysis of the project. The code is still a good example of basic uses of pyglet, but I would caution that anything built on pyglet that wants to play video will have a lot of problems. DescriptionOne of the best ways to learn something a new skill

Filth - Filth is Second Life Open Source Combat Meter written in LSL

Filth is Second Life Open Source Combat Meter, with a new optimized communication protocol using bitecode. The meter aims to give rich combat experience with the following types of attacks: bash, stun, maim, poison, bleed, sleep, backstab, etc. (ideas mostly taken from Warcraft Dota map) The meter in the future will also include aiding, hunger, money system, feeding, inventory. The meter will be designed to maintain fair combat with little possibility to cheat

Tehnoobshow - Tehnoobshow sucks!

If you want all the main information on tehnoobshow come here! Thanks Evidence1: [2:45:25 PM] Jagg3d. added Edit [2:45:31 PM] Samoth: lol? [2:45:45 PM] cam: here we go... lol [2:45:49 PM] Jagg3d.: HEY BEN [2:45:55 PM] Jagg3d.: WHAT'S UP BABE [2:45:57 PM] Jagg3d.: <33333 [2:45:58 PM] Edit: Kk, so cam's directive is to backstab my friends up into little ice chunks. [2:46:08 PM] Edit: Get them to suck his dick. [2:46:09 PM] Samoth: lets do this right [2:46:11 PM] Edit: Then shut down my community.

Backstab - Backstab on Plurk.

Backstab on Plurk.

Backstab - Backstab plugin for Bukkit

Backstab plugin for Bukkit


An oUF layout to make you not bad at remembering to Backstab at 35%

backstab - My experiment on creating a multiplayer game.

My experiment on creating a multiplayer game.