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Just a simple chemin de fir baccarat game for Windows Mobile devices.



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Crackbaccarat - crack baccarat (poker game) 破解賭場百家樂~Application

Crack baccarat, implement a test program to crack baccarat server that using special rules. If this test program always win ! => We can goto Casino gambling. HaHaHa~ 需�機率高手~ Needed Mathematics probability specialist...

Puntocasino - Punto Casino Project

Software which guides the user through the card game Punto Banco (aka Baccarat). Purpose of SoftwareThe software is used in order to provide training to the user on the game of Punto Banco (baccarat). The software guides the user through every card and goes all along for the whole hand explaining the rules clearly. If the user wants to run through some hands in order to provide statistics, this can be done by switching off the Tutorial Mode and this will enable 'fast' usage of the software. The

Baccarat - Baccarat simulation

Baccarat simulation

Baccarat - Baccarat Statistics Parser

Baccarat Statistics Parser

Baccarat - Client-server game Baccarat

Client-server game Baccarat


Emulates a Baccarat game

seven_up_baccarat - Simulator for CSM-dealt 7-Up Baccarat.

Simulator for CSM-dealt 7-Up Baccarat.