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A daemon program that periodically checks server conditions and repairs (and possibly reports) them.



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backbone.babysitter - Manage child views for your Backbone.View (and other parents)

Manage child views for your Backbone.View (and other parents)

Opennanny - OpenNanny is a web application to predict your child and be happy

With Open Nanny you can keep data about your kids feeding, vaccination, general practices and more. Then OpenNanny relates this information searching the probable causal factors of any event. Finally you can ask Open Nanny: "Why my baby cries??" Open Nanny remembers you when to vaccinate you kids and when the general practices are. Open Nanny can generate printable versions of the information to give it to your child's pediatrician so he can diagnose accurately your son. Whit Open Nanny you can

Oi-scm - Outstanding Integrations

oi checks for needed integrations/merges between codelines and notifies of the integration needs. It is useful for automatic notification of needed integrations to keep codelines synced in concurrent development. For example, it can check for outstanding integrations between a release codeline and the main line (trunk), and email them to a defined address list. It answers the question "are all the changes made to a release codeline merged to the main codeline?" For another example, oi helps keep

babysitter - Southpeps (for now) babysitter tracker

Southpeps (for now) babysitter tracker

sitterswapper - A babysitter exchange service.

A babysitter exchange service.

processor - The process manager in babysitter

The process manager in babysitter


A babysitter exchange service.


Iron Golems as Babysitters in Bukkit.

blove - Blove - Babysitter's Love. New Venture Creation Project for NOC SV.

Blove - Babysitter's Love. New Venture Creation Project for NOC SV.

babysitter - Babysit thin processes

Babysit thin processes

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