Babel Instant Messenger

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Babel IM is a skinnable instant messenger, with plugins for ICQ, AIM, MSN, Yahoo amp; RSA crypto. All functionality is provided through the plugin interface, so Babel is highly customizeable.



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babel im

A implementation of the XMPP protocol and a WPF client written in C#.

Bbl - Another Php MVC Framework

I'm trying to buid my own php MVC framework. Why not use Zend Framwork or Symphony ? I don't know, just for fun. The Library of Babel by Jorge Luis Borges

Babel BBS

Babel BBS was an integrated BBS and IM system. It has since been broken up into its constituent parts in other places.

Kay-framework - A web framework made specifically for Google App Engine

Kay is a web framework made specifically for Google App Engin The basic design of Kay is based on the Django framework, like middleware, settings and pluggable application, etc. Kay uses Werkzeug as lower level framework, Jinja2 as template engine, and babel for handling language translations. This software is distributed under BSD license. See LICENSE for more details. See README for quickstart. Kay stands for "Kay makes Appengine Yummy". Kay has these features out of the box: Anonymous session

Madcow - Extensible IRC/SILC/AIM bot written in Python

OverviewMadcow is an extensible python IRC bot with support for SILC and AIM. It is fully customizable and has a simple API for creating modules that extend its functionality. Madcow ships with modules that emulate classic Infobot behavior and many other fun or useful utilities. RequirementsPython 2.5 or higher If you wish to use Madcow with the SILC protocol, you will need to install the silc-toolkit and pysilc libraries. The memebot module requires SQLObject and a backend (MySQLdb or pysqlite3