Babel Enterprise

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Babel is a enterprise grade secure monitoring platfform to check OS security status: user/passwords, kernel options, file perms, patches, network setup, SUID, binary files changes and much more. All in a distributed and modular management architecture.



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EDL to AAF converter

EDL to AAF allows CMX3600 EDLs to be converted to AAF files. It has been made open source to encorage all AAF developers to use the same operational pattern (semantics) and thus avoid a Tower of Babel!


KOpenBabel is a graphical interface to Open Babel ( The interface is available for KDE3 (kopenbabel3), KDE4 (kopenbabel4) and Qt4 (qopenbabel).

V2my-babel - bbs, blog, and more...

Depend on Project Babel & FLEAPHP framework.

Babel-lang - Babel is a knowledge representation language that aims to be as expressive as most natu

Babel is a language for talking with computers. It is a knowledge representation language that aims to be as expressive as most natural language. It is a formal grammar for representing thoughts and the meaning of human languages. Babel is modeled after traditional computer programming languages that provide for terse, human readable and easy to write code. Parsing natural language is a hard problem, but it can be avoided by writing Babel. By using this format natural language processing (NLP) c


bocca is a text-based, scriptable, interactive development environment for SIDL/Babel-based development of mixed language C/C++/Fortran/Java/Python code. It manages source and build systems. Bocca automates creating SIDL/Babel code or CCA components.

Opencage-libs - java utility libraries

several libraries: lang: language level utils babel: localization io: xplatform paths