B3 (B3 is a Bibliography Base manager)

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B3 is a XML-based Bibliography Base Manager written in Java. It uses XSLT stlysheets to output bibliographies in several formats, including BibTex and HTML. It is also possible to export data toward a SQL database, and to process OpenDocument files. Vers




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OntoUML Editor is a model-based graphical editor that supports the creation of conceptual models and domain ontologies in a philosophically and cognitively well-founded modeling language named OntoUML, which is based on the Unified Foundational Ontology (UFO). The editor is designed in a way that, on one hand, it shields the user from the complexity of the ontological principles underlying this language. On the other hand, it reinforces these principles in the produced models by providing a mech

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Various boosting algorithms in matlab/C,C++. All the codes here are provided "AS IS", without any guarantee. Do not try to sue me! 1. Codes for the paper "Positive Semidefinite Metric Learning with Boosting", by C. Shen, J. Kim, L, Wang and A. van den Hengel, NIPS 2009. The extended version can be downloaded here http://arxiv.org/abs/0910.2279 PLEASE NOTE: This package doesn't implement the cross-valiation part. Same as in AdaBoost; for BoostMetric, you need to determine when to stop the iterati

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