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Beanshell2 - fork of BeanShell

This is a fork of BeanShell.org. The purpose of this fork is to allow users to contribute to the code. To join this project, email fschmidt@gmail.com or pejobo70@gmail.com. Nov. 21, 2011 New Update v2.1b5, fixing Do-while loop does not check condition on "continue" - issue #57 Using JSR-223, exception is thrown for clause that shouldn't be evaluated - issue #60. YourKit is kindly supporting open source projects with its full-featured Java Profiler. YourKit, LLC is the creator of innovative and i

Pyqu - PyQu is an extension module for Python to implement quantum algorithms

PyQu is an extension module for Python 3 whose main goal is to provide a complete set of data types and functions for simulating quantum computation with a neat syntax. PyQu is written in C and makes extensive use of libquantum-1.0.0 library by Björn Butscher and Hendrik Weimer. However, PyQu intends not to be just a wrapper of libquantum to Python, but rather a new high-level language (in Python style of course) for quantum programming. Important notesPyQu is under developement and contains bu

Xmlzen - XML Zen - your Katana for slicing XML

Why?In a world full of bloat it's hard to move forward. Step aside and look for other ways to deal with XML. Forget W3C, and terrible APIs. Open your mind. XML is just a string. You don't need several megabytes of libraries for that. Just cut through and get what you are looking for. XML Zen is here to help. If you use Java and share same beliefs, write an email to tomas.varaneckas@gmail.com and join the development. Read the Motivation or this blog post for more details. Use with MavenFirst add

Neuroinfotoolkit - Neuroinformatics Toolkit

Neuroinfo ToolkitNeuroinfo Toolkit (NIT) is a general-purpose software development toolkit that emphasizes Neuroinformatics, Neuroimaging, and other Neuroscience research. Historynew! Neuroinfo Toolkit v1.5.0b has been tagged! Lots of bug fixes, improvements, etc. neuro.apps.xnat now handles XNAT v1.4 and v1.5 (and may handle others as they become available) Neuroinfo Toolkit v1.4 (internal) changeset has been tagged! neuro.load() now enables you to link to a specific NIT version at runtime Inst

Pycuckoohash - Python bindings to a Cuckoo Hash library

This module provides a simple interface to the Cuckoo Hash, an efficient sparse array implementation. Cuckoo Hashing was proposed by Pagh and Rodler (2001). The idea is to build a dictionary data structure with two hash tables and two different hash functions. The Cuckoo Hash interface is intended to be used just like a normal python dict data structure. SEE ALSORasmus Pagh and Flemming Friche Rodler. 2001. Cuckoo Hashing, Proceedings of ESA 2001, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 2161. Ch

Findmyhash - Python script to crack hashes using online services

findmyhash.pyfindmyhash.py try to crack different types of hashes using free online services. NOTE: findmyhash.py 2.0 is coming!! The new version will have many changes and improvements. Some of these changes are: Empty hashes recognition Multi-thread analysis Algorithm recognition from the hash value Pause and Resume options Save the results into a file If you have some suggestion you would like to see in the new version, email us or use the "Issues" tab. findmyhash.py 1.1.2 Usagepython findmyh

Pour-moi - Pour-Moi Sandbox Library Web GUI Application

Release 1.0.0 Thank you for taking the time to coming to my Pour-Moi repository. I am currently working on other projects, and I have decided not to continue working on this project since I have felt that it has served my purposes for the time being. If you would like to reach me please feel free to contact me at thedanny09@gmail.com It is very possible that I will come back to working on this project, however I don't think that spending more time on PHP is something I wish to do, since .NET, Ru

Ccbbank - 建设银行网上银行MD5withRSA php版

1. 首先通过java程�将建设银行的公钥串转�pem格�并写入文件 SignTest.java是�行程�, RSASig.java是建设银行签�算法类, bcprov-jdk15-145.jar是PEMWriter类库 2. php程��签�验� <?php $data = "POSID=000000000&BRANCHID=330000000&ORDERID=2004010061&PAYMENT=0.01&CURCODE=01&REMARK1=&REMARK2=&SUCCESS=N"; $sign = "5bf88c409a13963286904e8954a4d825108f9b5bb60a8c8e5cfc05355fe4e247c777b521c7d68b8d51968285d51d1a0da0c5bd55e19268949a20dd7bd14f17422e41f3e6f7446

Comsolid-projects - COMSOLiD Projects

COMSOLiD - Comunidade Maracanauense de Software Livre e Inclusão DigitalRepo to create the Projects of the COMSOLiD (Comunidade Maracanauense de Software Livre e Inclusão Digital). Apostila AndroidUma apostila básica exemplificada com um CRUD simples, uma lista de contatos. Downloadhttp://code.google.com/p/comsolid-projects/downloads/detail?name=android-101-v2.1.pdf#makechanges LaTeXila TranslationOur first project is a translation to Brazilian Portuguese of LaTeXila. DownloadLaTeXila Downloa

Colortowerdefense - Color Tower Defense

Color Tower Defense Color Tower Defense is a game where you must use unique towers to defend off the waves of invading enemies. Upgrade your towers into one of the many choices for increased firepower. The more difficult levels require quick placement and selling of towers in order for them to keep the enemies in range and to be most effective. Hotkeys: B - enter build tower mode Right click - exit build tower mode Spacebar, ESC - exit build tower mode Spacebar, ESC(again) - starts new wave 1, 2