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Unit Testing library for RIM Blackberry based on jmunit




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Smokejs - Discovery based test suite for JavaScript

This is a discovery based unittest system for JavaScript (very much like Python's nose and py.test). It will either run tests on files given on the command line or search for files matching test_*.js under the current directory. Tests can be run either in command line (using Rhino or SpiderMonkey) or in the browser. Example run (command line): $./smokejs ** Testing ./t/test_foo.js* Running test_a...* OK* Running test_b...* ERROR (wrong universe)* Running test_c...* ERROR (maaa)** 2/3 tests faile

Jsupervisor - Feature / Scenario (Class Collaboration) Testing Framework

Suppose you are developing a feature (or a user story, or a use case, and so on). This feature would likely be realized by a collaboration of a few classes, let's say A, B, and C. You would likely want to write unit tests for these classes and the integration of these classes. So, for each test scenario (such as A calls B and B calls C), you would need to write the following tests: Test A with a mock of B (i.e. unit test) Test B with a mock of C Test C. Test A and B with Mock of C (i.e. partial

Twistedcronservice - A scheduling plugin for twisted

PLEASE NOTEThis package has been renamed and moved to github. https://github.com/benliles/TxScheduling MotivationTwisted provides excellent support for creating delayed calls and looping calls, but when a daemon runs for extended periods of time, it is often necessary to schedule tasks to run in a manner that would be more easily described by a schedule instead of a number of seconds delay. The twistedschedule module provides an interface for describing a schedule and a single implementation, a

Spaghetti-vm - A simple fun programming language and virtual machine

Spaghetti is a programming language meant to be interpreted quickly and execute on a virtual machines for various platforms. It's intended use is as an extension language that can be run safely and be used for scripting for whatever purposes necessary. The language itself is inspired off assembly but also borrows ideas from high level languages like attribute programming, unit testing, built-in logging, and strict typing. Since spaghetti is a extension language, it needs helper functions registe

Flexible-javascript-unittest - A Flexible Javascript Unit Test Framework

Flexible Javascript Unittest Framework中文说明�:http://pickerel.javaeye.com/admin/blogs/277775 A tiny yet flexible javascript unit test framework, feature: 1.Support synchronize and async test.2.Customizable test results ui.3.Expandable assertion mechanism.usage1.basic usage: window.onload = function(){ var test1 = new testcase("my firest test", { setup: function(){this.val = "abc";}, teardown: function(){this.val = null;alert("test completed.");}, test_get_name: function(){ this.assert_

Jqmock - jqMock - JavaScript Mock Framework for jQuery / jqUnit

jqMock is a lightweight javascript Mock Framework for the jqUnit testing framework. jqMock allows functions in dependent functions such as native alert dialogs to be mocked, so that your own code can be tested in isolation. jqMock has comprehensive expectation support, with complex argument matching criteria, ordered/unordered expectations, multiplicity control, intercepting return values and throwing exceptions. See the user guide hereLeave a comment on my blog here.InterceptingIntercept functi

Tcdatabase - The skeleton database for Tokyo Cabinet

tcskelbdbFeatures The skeleton b+tree database for Tokyo Cabinet the b+tree table can support the field index for structured-value like tct(table engine). specifiction: MUST BE an B+ TREE Table ENGINE the key and value MUST BE utf-8 format. the duplication(same) key is not allowed. addint, adddouble, putcat,putproc,putdup, putdupback is never indexed outlist use the tcbdbout instead of tcbdbout3! the setindex command is same as the tct. setindex FieldName 0 //set an index to the FieldName(this d

Jvorbiscomment - A java library for reading and writing Ogg Vorbis comments (tags)

Checkout the project home page for extended information (the link is to the right). FeaturesSimple - Two static methods: VorbisIO.readComments and VorbisIO.writeComments. In-place Updates - Comment changes are written to the original file, not a copy of the file. This means updates will be faster and the file attirbutes, such as permissions and creation time, will remain intact. Buffered Updates - A buffering scheme is employed to avoid re-writting the entire file when the comments are changed b

Depunit - Dependency and data driven unit test framework for Java

DepUnit is designed with the belief that in any complicated system the unit tests build upon one another. In many unit test frame works there is a considerable amount of effort put into allowing the tester to setup and tear down the environment so that the tests can be performed. We believe that this setup and tear down procedure should be a unit test as well. For example a connection needs to be made to the database before unit tests can be performed on the data. The connection process should b

Wsgi-intercept - installs a WSGI application in place of a real URI for testing

IntroductionTesting a WSGI application normally involves starting a server at a local host and port, then pointing your test code to that address. Instead, this library lets you intercept calls to any specific host/port combination and redirect them into a WSGI application importable by your test program. Thus, you can avoid spawning multiple processes or threads to test your Web app. How Does It Work?wsgi_intercept works by replacing httplib.HTTPConnection with a subclass, wsgi_intercept.WSGI_H