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A framework for rapid J2EE development. Defines XML tags for describing applications and template implementations. Provides J2EE template implementations and XSLT-stylesheets for merging the application definitions and the templates into applications.




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SWFTools - Utilities to work with Adobe Flash files

SWFTools is a collection of utilities for working with Adobe Flash files (SWF files). The tool collection includes programs for reading SWF files, combining them, and creating them from other content (like images, sound files, videos or sourcecode).

Totalparodyrebirth - Platform game for msx2

Requirements: a) Screen 5 (16 colors per pixel) b) Vertical/Horizontal fine scrolling (8 directions) c) Two layer parallax scrolling d) Animated background e) 50Hz frame rate f) SCC music g) PCM sound effects h) coded in z80 ASM and C

Pydataframe - Dataframe, a table like datastructure for Python, inspired by R's Dataframe

An implemention of an almost R like DataFrame object. (install via Pypi/Pip: "pip install pydataframe") Usage: u = DataFrame( { "Field1": [1, 2, 3], "Field2": ['abc', 'def', 'hgi']}, optional: ['Field1', 'Field2'] ["rowOne", "rowTwo", "thirdRow"])A DataFrame is basically a table with rows and columns. Columns are named, rows are numbered (but can be named) and can be easily selected and calculated upon. Internally, columns are stored as 1d numpy arrays. If you set row names, they're converted in

Simple-carousel - simple jquery carousel

simple.carouselThis is a simple jQuery plugin for creating sliding carousels. Demo/Examples: simple demo aditu.de (image will change using a fade in/fade out effect) rsslounge (presentation of the features by an slideshow) Insert following in the head part of your html page: <script type="text/javascript" src="javascript/jquery-1.4.4.min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="javascript/simple.carousel.0.3.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> jQuery(document).ready(function()

Virtual-memory-simulator - A virtual memory simulator

A program that graphically demonstrates the interactions of a memory trace with specific virtual memory settings (frame and physical memory sizes). Building improvements on top of MOSS source base. Current roadmap: 1.0 MOSS source fixing only deprecated APIs and Eclipse warnings. DONE 1.1 Separate CLI and GUI interfaces. General code cleanup. Trace file parsing speedup. Din memory trace file support. DONE 1.2 Spreadsheet and Gnuplot friendly output 1.3 Alternate page replacement algorithms 1.4 B

Pyvttbl - Multidimensional pivot tables, data processing, statistical computation

General DescriptionPivot tables (also called contingency tables and cross tabulation tables) are a powerful means of data visualization and data summarization. When dealing with large data sets with multiple variables, or multiple datasets manually manipulating the pivot tables in WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) spreadsheets can quickly become troublesome and error prone. In these instances it becomes preferred or even necessary to use a YAFIYGI (you ask for it you got it) model to automa

Greyframe - 简�,易用,好用的Javascript弹出�罩框架

GreyFrame是一个�罩弹出显示页�的JS类, 它�以�许你�在框架(如: frame和iframe)中打开一个链接. 你无需写弹出的脚本代�(如: onclick事件), ��你在超链接标签中的target属性设置为框架�称就�以了. 例如: 脚本中创建一个�罩弹出框架: <script type="text/javascript"> myGreyFrame = new GreyFrame("MyGreyFrame"); </script> 这里MyGreyFrame是框架的�称, 然�, 你就�以在你的HTML中放入类似这样链接: <a hr

Cad-mini-editor - CAD/CAM is a mini CAD editor with wireframe rendering.

CAD/CAM is made for education purpose. It's entirely free. It's main purpose is to learn about major methods used in CAD system all over the world. I don't take any responsibility for using this application. It was entirely written in C++ for Window XP and later OS. Source for compilation need Visual Studio 2005 compiler. And so to run this software You need .NET framework 2.0 or later.

Hoc-csv2x3d - Python tools for converting Radiohead&#39;s &quot;House of Cards&quot; csv data to X3D

This project offers a Python script for converting Radiohead's House of Cards csv data to X3D. The script can be extensively parameterized to convert to different X3D geometry types (standard and non-standard conform ones). Directly get it here (or via the Source tab): http://hoc-csv2x3d.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/hoc-csv2x3d.py Usageusage: hoc-csv2x3d.py [options] <action> Convert Radiohead's "House of Cards" csv data to X3D.actions: convert Convert csv data to X3D. scene Build a X3D scene using

Nxcc - a tiny , fast , c script virtual machine

What is nxcc?1.\tit's a tiny script compiler and virtual machine2.\tc-liked script with ‘class’3.\teasy to be embeded4.\talso,it's not memory-safe and type-safe language...Hello world!#!/usr/local/bin/nxccapi printf(fmt,...);func main(argc,argv){\tprintf("hello,world!\"); ///classic ...}___eof___;///optional ...funny feature1.'::' is allowed inside identifier name ...\tvar aaa::bbb;\tfunc TTT::do_sth(a,b,...){}\tconst ccc::d123 = 0;2.type-name is just a name for class-method/member accessing