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This is a simple program to encode normal, ASCII text in to its ASCII value and then convert that number to roman numerals. Ideal for quick notes to friends that you don't want others to easily read. Unlike encryption though, I just described the algo



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SWFTools - Utilities to work with Adobe Flash files

SWFTools is a collection of utilities for working with Adobe Flash files (SWF files). The tool collection includes programs for reading SWF files, combining them, and creating them from other content (like images, sound files, videos or sourcecode).

Avidemux - free video editor in all platforms

Avidemux is a free video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks. It supports many file types, including AVI, DVD compatible MPEG files, MP4 and ASF, using a variety of codecs. Tasks can be automated using projects, job queue and powerful scripting capabilities.

CineFX - Professional grade media player

Cinefx is a professional grade media player, based on the jahplayer, that is capable of playing uncompressed video and image sequences at resolutions as high as 2K and 4K in real-time. Cinefx is an offline playback, editing, encoding, animation and visual effects tool based on the Jahshaka technology that allows you to create professional digital media on your desktop. Use the tools that hollywood uses to create blockbuster films and special effects.

Protosharp - Protocol Buffers goes .NET

Proto#An alternative protocol buffer implementation for .NET. Focus on ease of use and flexibility to integrate into existing solutions. Currently in alpha. Stay tuned. A Simple Messageusing System;using System.IO;using ProtoSharp.Core;//Based on "A Simple Message"namespace Test1EncodingSample{ class Test1 { [Tag(1)] public int A { get; set; } } class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { var encoded = new MemoryStream(); new M

Base64encoding - Implementation of the base64 encoding in C

DescriptionThis is a simple base64 encoding implementation, based on the openSSL library. I found this code on and modified it a bit with some Linux compatibility and a decoding function. \t Compiling:To compile this code you need the openSSL development libraries. In Windows I copied all the headers and lib files into my Dev-Cpp folder and compiled the code with the command: gcc base64.c -l libeay32 or for static linking: gcc base64.c /usr/lib/libcrypto.a In Linux/Unix

Hbbatchster - Handbrake batch encoding GUI

HBBatchstera Handbrake Batch GUIis a very functional, easy to use wxPython-based application mainly designed for Windows using Handbrake Presets and a functional GUI to batch encode multiple files using the popular HandbrakeCLI command line tool of the Handbrake project ( in a queue. It supports convenience functionality such as cleaning "garbage" in filenames, supporting pause/resume, drag&drop and much more. This project was started in 2008 by me to circumvent the probl

Owasp-jxt - OWASP's Java XML Templates

OverviewJXT is a fast and secure XHTML-compliant template language that runs on a model similar to JSP. JXT provides automatic context-aware encoding of data to make it easy to avoid OWASP Top Ten #2 web-application security risk Cross Site Scripting. By providing automatic context aware escaping, JXT relieves the developer of having to think through the various contexts and appropriate escaping method required--allowing them to focus on coding the application. It also helps make the application

Php-antixss - PHP Anti-XSS Library

DescriptionPHP Anti-XSS Library developing for prevent the XSS(Cross Site Scripting) vulnerabilities on the web applications. PHP Anti-XSS Library automatically detect the encoding of the data that you want filter and if you wish its encoding your data again. Also there are 3 type of filtering option. Filter OptionsBlacklist Filtering: Compares the data with a blacklist that you specify. Whitelist Filtering: In the case of a data that does not conform to the type of data you've specified that do

Bogboa - Multi User Dungeon in pure Python. This is a work in progress, currently unusable.

Bogboa is a work in progress, which means it's pretty b0rked most of the time. Very few features are complete and the code is subject to constant revisions. If you're looking for a Python-based Telnet communication library to build a MUD on, please check out Miniboa at; Cheers, Jim Storch, February 2010 You can contact me at: 'wvzfgbepu@tznvy.pbz'.encode('rot13')


This library solves tree irreconciliated issues: a) Full encoding bidireccional conversions trough unicode encoding b) Small executables versus speed. c) multiplatform Adittionaly this library solves quot;human equivalent charactersquot; ( for searching