Azure desktop

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Projekt si klade za cíl vytvo?ení desktopového uživatelského rozhraní pro p?ístup k datovým službám a úložištím, které jsou poskytovány a spravovány službou Azure. Aplikace tak bude vhodná p?edevším pro administraci zdroj? a jejich prohlížení, zárove? by m?la sloužit jako u?ební



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Azure Application Monitor

Azure Monitor lets you monitor your Azure-hosted applications in real-time. It includes a library for capturing runtime process information to cloud table storage; and also a desktop application for viewing the captured information in real-time.

uwp-shop-analytics-sample - Sample demonstrating how to use UWP on Desktop, Mobile, and IoT with the power of Azure to build a data analytics solution for a shop owner

This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments.###Azure Services In order to be able to execute the code and test the sample fully, you will need to register for the following Azure services and place the appropriate keys/URLs into the keys.resx file in the ShopAnalyticsPCL project.

Azure Storage Inspector

Azure Inspector is a web interface for managing your azure storage data. It allows you to works with Azure tables, blobs and queues.

WingTipTickets - Azure SQL Database WingTipTickets demo and hands on lab

Welcome to the WingTipTickets demo and hands-on-lab project.These files comprise a hands-on-lab that demostrates a number of the Azure Data Platform services including, Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Document DB, Azure Data Factory, Power BI and Azure Search. WingTipTickets is based sample application used to selling concert tickets and uses this set of services. Installing this into you're own Azure subscription is a great way to learn about Azure and how you might build applications that consume, transform, and visualize data.

Automating SQL Azure Backup using Worker role

This tool is used for backup functionality on SQL Azure database and tables in a periodical timeline. The code can deployed as a Worker role with Azure or on-premise environment and the backup file can store in blob storage or a file system.

Azure Table Sync Lib

Developing custom sync providers for Windows Azure Table Storage to support the following sync scenarios 1. Azure Table <-> SQL Server 2. Azure Table <-> SQL CE 3. Azure Table <-> SQL Azure

Windows Azure Web Storage Explorer

Windows Azure Web Storage Explorer makes it easier for developers to browse and manage Blobs, Queues and Tables from Windows Azure Storage account. You'll no longer have to install a local client to do that. It's developed in C#.

azure-chat-for-java - Azure Chat for Java, A simple Java-based photo and video sharing application, supporting Azure services as the backend for authentication, Video, photos and friend requests via the Azure Java SDK

#Azure-chat-for-java This readme outlines steps for configuring and deploying the “azure-chat-for-java” application.##Application summary: Azure Chat for Java is a sample Java application designed to show key features of the Microsoft Azure SDK for Java.

Azure-Services-Explorer - Common component for IntelliJ, Android Studio and Eclipse plugin that allows developers to authenticate via Azure Active Directory and manage Azure resources

⚠️ NOTE: The work behind the Azure Services Explorer has been merged into the new Azure Tools for Java project, which includes Azure Toolkit for Eclipse and Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ IDEA and as such it has moved to a new repository: This repo is no longer updated and is kept around only for archival purposes. The source code for the latest releases is at the new repo.

azure-shortcuts-for-java - A radically simplified API for Azure in Java - prototype

The goal of this project is to provide a radically simplified Java API for Azure. It follows a flavor of modern API design patterns (builder, fluent) optimized for readability, writeability and succinctness.⚠️ NOTE: this was an experimental labs project, which developed the API design approach that the actual Azure Libraries for Java (a.k.a. Azure SDK for Java) have now started to follow, as of version 1.0 beta 2. Starting with that version, the Azure Libraries for Java have caught up with and surpassed the "shortcuts" prototype, so if you are looking for the latest and greatest implementation and evolution of the ideas originally prototyped in this "shortcuts" project, you can now go directly to the Azure Libraries for Java. The original creator of the "shortcuts" prototype is now the team lead for the Azure SDK for Java.

Phoenix - Azure Pack Connector extends Azure Pack to public Azure

Azure Pack Connector (codename Phoenix) is a solution for [Azure Pack] ( that enables public Azure IaaS provisioning and management via Azure Resource Manager. The extension and resource provider enable a single pane of glass user experience for public and private cloud deployments through Azure Pack.Follow instructions in the [Admin Guide] (doc/AdminGuide.docx) to install the binaries.

Mount VHD from Azure Storage In Azure VM

MountVHDAzureVM application will help Windows Azure users to mount a VHD in any Windows Azure VM outside Role. Windows Azure users can host a group of tools and contents in a VHD and store this VHD in Azure Storage. Using this application, Azure VM users, can mount this VHD.

Partitioned CloudQueue - Azure Storage Queue without scalability limits

PartitionedCloudQueue makes it easier for Azure Storage users to deal with scalability limitations of single Azure Queue (500 msgs per second per queue). You'll no longer have to implement custom partitioning if all you need is one infinitely-scalable Azure Storage queue.

Cloud Monitoring Studio

Cloud Monitoring Studio provides real-time performance monitoring mechanism for Azure deployed applications/Azure roles with the help of easy-to-understand graphs. Users can configure required performance counters for individual Azure roles through easy-to-use & intuitive GUI.

azure-webjobs-sdk - Azure WebJobs SDK

The Azure WebJobs SDK is a framework that simplifies the task of writing background processing code that runs in Azure. The Azure WebJobs SDK includes a declarative binding and trigger system that works with Azure Storage Blobs, Queues and Tables as well as Service Bus. The binding system makes it incredibly easy to write code that reads or writes Azure Storage objects. The trigger system automatically invokes a function in your code whenever any new data is received in a queue or blob.

AzureUsageAndBillingPortal - This web application solution enables you to monitor the usage and billing for any Azure subscriptions you have access to

This project is designed to retrieve the usage details of all Azure services in a specific Azure subscription(s). Using PowerBI dashboard, one can retrieve up to date billing data (Azure service usage details) of a subscription that is registered to the system. First, any user with an active azure subscription has to register their subscription with the system through the registration website. To get registered, only the subscription owner's Microsoft ID (i.e. email address that ends with, etc.) or an organization ID (i.e. email address that ends with, etc.) and subscription’s domain name is needed. Providing this data, a user can register their Azure subscription with the system. Once the subscription is registered, the system automatically retrieves the past 3 years (adjustable parameter) usage data and allows it to be viewed by a PowerBI dashboard. Additionally, every day at UTC 00:00 o’clock, the system automatically retrieves the previous day’s usage and billing data for each registered subscription in the system. By doing this, it keeps all records up to date on a daily basis. There is always a 1-day delay (currently you can’t retrieve the past few hours’ data immediately because the main Azure system collects all data from different datacenters within different time zones) on the data presented through PowerBI.The PowerBI dashboard allows users to filter data in realtime according to different parameters such as: Subscriptions, Services, SubServices, etc.

chef-provisioning-azure - Azure driver for chef-provisioning!

This is an implementation of an Microsoft Azure driver for chef-provisioning that relies on azure-sdk-for-ruby and the Azure Service Management API.Please note this driver does not support Azure Resource Manager (ARM) and is therefore only able to create "classic" VM resources that sit behind a cloud service in Azure. A new driver is under development - see chef-provisioning-azurerm.

knife-azure - Chef knife plug-in for Microsoft Azure

A [knife] ( plugin to create, delete, and enumerate [Microsoft Azure] ( resources to be managed by Chef.NOTE: You may also want to consider using the azure-xplat-cli, this application is written by the Azure team and has many other integrations with Azure. If click here you'll see deeper examples of using the Chef extension and Azure.