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axis2M increase the usability of Apache Axis2 by integrating with Maven2 with Convention over Configuration concept.Axis2M provide Quickstart archetype quot;runquot; plug-in to run SimpleHttpServer,customized versions of WSDL2Code,Java2WSDL,AAR plug-ins.



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Recebimento-de-inscricao - Recebimento de inscrição

Código do webservice para recebimento de inscrição da disciplina de sistemas de cliente e servidor. O serviço pode ser acessado pelos que quiserem utilizá-lo em Cinco métodos estão disponíveis: - boolean inscrever(Inscricao inscricao);- Inscricao getInscricao(long numeroDeInscricao);- boolean alterarInscricao(Inscricao novaInscricao);- Vector<Inscricao> getListaInscricao();- Vector<Inscricao> getListaInscricao(java.util.Date dataIn

Csv-to-graph - reads a csv file and draws a graph

A simple program that reads a csv file and draws a graph with the values from the file. It can work with int and float values. When I have more time I'll make it better. Example of a file: -3,-2,-1,0,1,2, 3, 5, 6, 6, 6,6,6,6,2,6,6,5,6,4,6,5,6,4,6,5,6,3.6, 5.0, 6.00, 3.66, 5.56, 5.13, 3.6 CHANGELOG for 0.6: Added an option for Background color; Added an option for X and Y axis color; Added an option for line color; Added an option for text color; Added an option for dots color; Added an option to

Jsnappshot - serialize objects with their classes

Five second introductionCreate an executable jar from an arbitrary Runnable: JSnappshot.createExecutableJar(myRunnable, new FileOutputStream("runme.jar"));Email the jar to a friend, no ClassNotFoundException or NoClassDefFoundError when they run it! DemoDownload and run the JFreeChart demo. The Save As... right click option has been hijacked to create an executable jar which pops up a JFrame containing the same chart as the original. Sort of anticlimactic, but just imagine how much easier it cou

Android-multitouch-controller - Simple multitouch pinch-zoom library for Android

Welcome to the android-multitouch-controller project on Google Code. This project currently comprises three Android sub-projects: (1) MTController, the MultiTouch Controller class for Android (see below); (2) MTVisualizer, the source code for the app "MultiTouch Visualizer 2" on Google Play; (3) MTPhotoSortr, a demo app showing how to use the MultiTouch Controller class. This MultiTouch Controller class makes it much easier to write multitouch applications for Android: -- It filters out "event n

Verman - chips &amp; bits [Hector Morales Piloni programming demos]

Android Compass (Magnetometer) demo (March 2011) Simple compass demo using the sensor API for Android Requirements Android SDK r07+ Eclipse ADT Sensor simulator Android Accelerometer demo (March 2011) Simple accelerometer (3-axis graph) demo using the sensor API for Android Requirements Android SDK r07+ Eclipse ADT Sensor simulator XNA Stencil Shadows (June 2009) Hard Stencil Shadows using XNA 3.0 Requirements: XNA 3.0 DirectX 9+ XNA 3.0 Graphics Demo (June 2009) HLSL Shaders demo using the XNA

Pyrtree - Python R-tree spatial index

pyrtreeThis is a pure python implementation of an RTree spatial index -- with no C library dependencies while retaining decent performance. I wrote it with the following reasons in mind: Pure cross-platform python; no C library dependencies. Access to internal nodes in the tree, allowing for custom traversal strategies. BSD license The current version targets in-memory insert-then-query workloads -- updates and persistence are not implemented yet -- and performs quite well at doing so. Besides t

Cftunity - folding@home V7 Client monitor and more!

3/16/2012New site at 2/6/2012No pictures, but a new download ( zipped and installer available ). Pictures will come again in the next update, as it will include some things which will hopefully be worth showing. 2/2/2012Build will be up in a min, there are some issues though. Scaling is better then it was but I need to improve the range handeling so minor tics don't appear as a blob instead of just uhm 'tics' I guess ;) I've added hw averages to the project statistics making it eas

Gpxplot - Visualize elevation or velocity profile of GPS track

This script can plot profiles of GPX tracks or prepare plot data for external tools. Two types of profiles are currently supported: velocity and elevation (altitude) as a function of time or distance travelled. Multi-segment (non-continuous) GPS tracks are supported. Normally, gpxplot reads GPX track and evaluates distance and velocity data. It can print data in tabular form suitable for plotting by external plotting tools. It can also plot trip profile directly using gnuplot (see options -g and

Axis-camera-mpplugin - A Axis camera plugin for the MediaPortal media center application.

IntroductionWith the Axis Cameras plugin installed you can watch live video feeds in MediaPortal from your Axis network cameras. The video format displayed is either MPEG-4 or H.264 depending on the capabilities of the camera. Both MPEG-4 and H.264 requires less bandwidth than Motion JPEG (M-JPEG) and is supporting synchronized audio. InstallationThe plugin can be installed by running the downloaded MediaPortal extension. Notification of new versions are handled by the MediaPortal Extension Inst

Cubiic - A puzzle game

I'm looking for a 2D graphic artist who wants to contribute to the project. If you are interested, shoot me a mail. A Magic Cube puzzle game on the Wii. What's a Magic Cube?The Magic Cube (also known as Rubik's Cube) is a mechanical puzzle game that was very popular in the 80ies. In it's basic version each of the six faces of the cube is covered by 9 stickers, among six solid colors. A pivot mechanism enables each face to turn independently mixing up the colors. For the puzzle to be solved each