Axial - Easy JavaScript in .NET

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Axial lets you write .NET code that will be converted to JavaScript for use on the web. The goal is to make JavaScript more accessible to C# and VB programmers who are comfortable using Visual Studio. This is very useful in some scenarios, such as form validation. You could w...



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Tric - PID controlled MAV

The sky is not own by anyone of us, but our "tric" will own without any doubt a little part of it. A PID implemented on PIC 18F microcontroller is used to stabilize the MAV. Three engines with propellers will give to the tricopter enough power to simply fight against phisics forces. A multi-axial accelerometer is used to read values from the system.

Total-metal-calc - Cross section selection for beams of double symmetry under axial and bending stre

This project started as a self teaching and experimentation tool for my metal structures university class. It is written in python and it can only be used for selection of cross sections of double symmetry. The total_metal class has methods for selecting the appropriate cross section based in one test at a time.(for example central bending (- no M)). The methods for choosing a cross section are working by taking the cross section characteristics from a specially formated .csv file, and checking

Axial360 - Open-source health care interface engine and connector library

OverviewAxial 360 is an interface engine and connector library that enables health care systems of all types - hospital systems, lab systems, EHRs, HIEs, etc - to share clinical data when it is needed. Axial 360 is built using best-of-breed open source components that enable improved scalability, extensibility, and modularity relative to other interface engines. Axial 360 will feature a library of free “connectors� developed by the open source community, that will reduce the time required to

Palm3d - A data-processing program that turns raw “photo-activated localization microscopy� data

NewsHave you tried out palm3d? We'd love to hear how it went. We need your feedback to make sure the software works on everyone's data, not just ours. IntroductionFluorescence microscopes are an awesome tool for biologists, but get blurry if you zoom in too much. It turns out you can remove a lot of this blur if your fluorescent molecules glow one at a time. (See PALM, STORM, FPALM for examples). A drawback of this trick is that the raw data from your microscope looks like gibberish: You need so

Opencamlib - computer aided manufacturing algorithms library

Since 2011 July the latest code is now on GitHub: This SVN repository is out of date! OpenCAMLib ("ocl") is a GPL licensed C++ library with Python bindings for creating toolpaths for cnc-machines. Current features fall into roughly three categories: Cutter projection algorithms are used to project milling cutters axially ("drop-cutter") or radially ("push-cutter") in contact with a polygonal surface. Cylindrical, spherical, toroidal, and conical cutter shap

Axialproject - Health IT Exchange - Integration middleware

Axial Project aims to enable seamless integration among a variety of legacy Health IT sources such as Labs, Research, Pharmacies, Patient Health Records, and Electronic Medical Records systems. The following diagram illustrates the high level concept behind Axial.

Android-cubetimer - A Rubik's Cube Scrambler and Timer for Android

General DescriptionGenerates scrambles for 2x2x2, 3x3x3, 4x4x4, 5x5x5, 6x6x6, and 7x7x7 puzzle cubes (Rubik's style 6 axial 3D mechanical puzzles), as well as scrambles for the Megaminx, Pyraminx, Square One, and UFO. It provides an inspection countdown and stopwatch. The provides running statistics of the best, average, and standard deviation of the solve times. Each puzzle will keep it's own running log of statistics. This application (v1.7) uses the JavaScript scramble algorithms in the scram

Go-fastweb - A MVC framework for the Go programming language

fastweb aims to be a simple, small and clean MVC framework for Google's Go programming language. Sample UsageYou can find a very basic example in the "example" directory and the demo page. Basically the controller is implemented as follow: package mainimport ( "fastweb" "os")type Products struct { fastweb.Controller Name string Brand string Features []string Specifications []string Image string}func (p *Products) View(id string) os.Error { if id == "ah64" { p.Name = "RC Apache AH64 4-Channel Ele

Bingham - Bingham Statistics Library

News[2012-04-18] Released libbingham v0.2.1Fixed a bug in bingham_mult() caused by eigen_symm() returning eigenvalues in the wrong order (compared to the GSL version). Also added more matlab functions. [2012-04-12] Released libbingham v0.2.Enlarged Bingham lookup tables to handle concentration params up to -900. More MATLAB support. Removed dependency on GSL. Switched from GPL to BSD license. OverviewThe Bingham statistics library contains implementations of the Bingham distribution for directio

Muni-neuron - 3d Neuronal Reconstrucction

IntroductionThis software builds a 3d model of neurons, from a set of axial pictures taken using a conventional light microscope. It also can measure distances in the resulting 3D model. This project is focus on all that people that study the brain morphology, using the Golgi-Cox method to study the morphology of the neurons to prove their hypothesis. The use of this software will allow the scientific world to see details on the neurons that have never been seen and also it will improve the way