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ax25-config offers a menu-based configuration of the Linux AX.25 subsystem.



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Ehtml-py - Extend of html

Ehtml-pyIntroductionEhtml(Extend HTML) help you build static web site(page) easy and quickly. There are a php version of ehtml on sf. and ehtml-py build on genshi(python). System Requirementsapache2 python2.5+ genshi0.4.4+ Installcheckout the ehtml svn checkout ehtml-py-read-onlyto anywhere you like. consider the directory as $ehtml-dir$. change file $ehtml-dir$/ehtml/ 's mode to 755. chmod a+x $ehtml-dir$/ehtml/handler.pyopen the apache's conf

Trackuino - An Arduino APRS tracker

OverviewThis is an APRS tracker for the Arduino/Atmega328p platform. It gathers position data from a GPS and broadcasts it via radio using standard APRS position messages. It was designed primarily to track high altitude balloons, so it has other handy features like reading temperature sensors and a cut-down mechanism. Trackuino is intended to be used by licensed radio amateurs. By operating on the standard APRS frequency, the signal can be picked up by an Internet gateway and reported on aprs.f