ax25 Libraries and Utilities

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A library and utilities that allow you to use the ax25/rose/netrom features of the Linux kernel.



Related Projects

AX.25 mail utilities

A set of utilities for packet radio mail exchange with the BBS.


ax25-config offers a menu-based configuration of the Linux AX.25 subsystem.

Ehtml-py - Extend of html

Ehtml-pyIntroductionEhtml(Extend HTML) help you build static web site(page) easy and quickly. There are a php version of ehtml on sf. and ehtml-py build on genshi(python). System Requirementsapache2 python2.5+ genshi0.4.4+ Installcheckout the ehtml svn checkout ehtml-py-read-onlyto anywhere you like. consider the directory as $ehtml-dir$. change file $ehtml-dir$/ehtml/ 's mode to 755. chmod a+x $ehtml-dir$/ehtml/handler.pyopen the apache's conf


JeAPRS is a Java Language based Packet Radio library intended for the users of APRS and similar AX.25, UI Frame based communications in the Amatuer Radio Community. The library includes an object oriented infrastructure for APRS data packets, but is ext

Linux APRS digipeater

aprsdigi, a linux amateur radio APRS digipeater

Linsv - SuperVozelj compatible node for Linux - AX.25 node

SuperVozelj node (short SV) is developed by Matjaz Vidmar, S53MV on Motorola CPU platform. For details look at This is implementation of AX.25 node compatible with SV node for Linux OS.

Fpac - ROSE Network Switching software for Amateur Radio using Linux AX.25

FPAC is a network node switch that uses the ROSE switching protocol. It runs on Linux in conjunction with existing AX.25 radio interfaces. FPAC can be used to provide a number of different services via Amateur Radio, including BBS, DX Spider, RMS (Winlink), and many more. It takes advantage of Internet connections utilizing ax25ipd to communicate between nodes or networks over long distances. ax25ipd can also be used to connect nodes together over high-speed amateur radio wifi links (HSMM and th

Hamlinux - Debian-based Live-cd based on Voyage Linux, tailored to Amateur Radio

This project is to track modifications to the Voyage Linux distribution (Squeeze) to streamline it further, remove un-necessary packages, and install an AX.25 subsystem. This projected started by modifying Voyage Linux 0.7.0 (resulting in the Hamlinux-0.1 release). Now we have moved to using Voyage Linux 0.7.5 as the base, and we have upgraded the kernel to Linux 3 to pick up some AX.25 kernel patches, resulting in the release of Hamlinux-0.2. You can download either the .img or .iso files of th

Saxigate - Small APRS I-Gate for Linux

saxIgate is a small APRS I-Gate for Linux. It reads APRS (AX25-UI) data from the kernel drivers (RF) and pushes it over a TCP/IP connection to an APRS-IS server of your choice. Since the kernel handles the hardware, you can use a TNC, Baycom, Soundcard, or anything the linux kernel supports to receive the data from the air. CHANGELOG: v0.1.7: Fixed a bug that would crash the app when a port was specified. Thx to OK1TEB for notifying me. Cleaned up code in main.c and distributed it over igate.c a

Swmodem - Software-Defined Modem Collection

Software-Defined ModemThe package swmodem is a collection of software-defined modems written in C# (sic). This project is intended mainly for ham radio or digital communication aficionados. The implemented standards focuses on ITU-T V recommendations but other types of modems could be developed. The operating system's TCP/IP stack (over PPP or AX.25) can be also connected to them. This project is a work in progress.