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AWOL is a php/mysql app that works as an in-out board, similar to something you'd see on the wall of a lobby, or desk of a switchboard operator, to keep track of who's in the building, when they'll be back, etc.



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Baetle - Bug And Enhancement Tracking LanguagE

IntroductionBaetle stands for Bug And Enhancement Tracking LanguagE. It is an ontology that describes the information kept in BugDatabases such as Bugzilla, Jira and others do. The aim of this is to enable a number of things: SPARQL end points on a bug database that can be queried (see SPARQLexamples ) Bugs in one open source project that refer to bugs in other open source projects, and that specify their dependency on these A format for bug databases to exchange their bug data ( see N3examples

Realeasyprefs - Preferences file module for REALbasic applications

REALEasyPrefs is a REALbasic module that provides support for creating and maintaining application preferences files on OS X, Linux, and Windows. While you can use any filename you choose for your prefefrence file, by default the preference file is created in the user's hierarchy: OS X: /Users/shortname/Library/Preferences/com.companyname.product Linux: /home/shortname/.product Windows: C:\\(depends on Windows version)\\CompanyName\\Product Setup and Use: When preparing to use the REALEasyPrefs


a few concrete merging examples of svn vs git, as shell scripts

awol - Away Without Leave - Based on the Gameplay 3D Engine

Away Without Leave - Based on the Gameplay 3D Engine


poor-mans fork of beberlei/DoctrineExtensions... i failed to get composer.json work with a forked repo, and I needed to pull recent pull requests into my fork because original author has gone AWOL and has not pulled any code for months now.