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Similar in usage to awk, awl is suited to solving problems using C++ programs often as small as few characters long. The command-line interface can also provide functionality similar to the traditional tools grep and sed.



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Awl wizard

AWL, quot;Another Wizard Libraryquot;, is a java swing-based library that provides extended functionnalities to easily create rich wizards.

Malc-text-grader - Grade an English text by BNC and GSL/AWL vocabulary level

For text, pasted in or opened from a txt file, the script will 1) give basic information on the vocab in the text 2) highlight the vocabulary by its frequency (British National Corpus lists; General Service List, Academic Word List 3) Some other bits and pieces such as collocations and readability. Code released under GNU GPL. Word Lists embedded in file used by permission. Python script, requires Natural Language ToolKit. See Wiki page for details.

Nbaw - Netbeans support for aribaweb development

This project seeks to develop netbeans plugins to support aribaweb development. Features being considered include but not limited to; .awl file recognition in Netbeans IDE Code completion and Editing support for .awl Aribaweb project recognition Project creation wizard leveraging the ant create-projects in Aribaweb tools Build, deploy, hot deploy cycle support from IDE and any other features as required by community.

Fanfoufans - fanfou messge admin

introfanfou fanfou,a twitter-like miniblog service, enjoys the most popularity among chinese. i personally like it very much, not for its shabby characteristics(comparing with or, nor for its radio silence(busy with hainei?), but for many friends there. I log on fanfou everyday, to share the tears and laughter with my friends, most of which i would never have met in my real life. we are connected due to fanfou. about me as a part-time, non-famous(just as guo deg

Qtsokoban - QTsokoban(推箱�) is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under th

QTsokoban is a windows application, porting from ksokoban of kde-games. Writed by QT. ksokoban is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License. See the file COPYING for details. See for later versions of ksokoban. See the file AUTHORS for details about where the levels come from. Here,QSokoban is a version of KSokoban on Qtopia platform。 ChangeLog2011-03-31软ä

Shake7 - Tool to lock/unlock simatic step7 programming blocks

It's a simple program, made with lazarus, that allows you to alter (remove or put in place) the "know how protection" setting for programming blocks in the simatic step7 plc range. When you write a program block for these PLCs, there's a way to protect it so that other programmers cannot see it, just use it. The official way is cumbersome and error prone: you have to generate the block source, add an attribute KNOW_HOW_PROTECTED and recompile it. Once protected, you cannot unprotect it, so you h

Robocode-awl-xinetd - Robocode package contains robot source code and various XML files that demonst

Xinetd is a simple Robocode robot. Xinetd attempts to maintain high survival rate but at the cost of low bullet damage score. This robot can still be enhanced to do much more than the following basic strategy: Movement: Moves in counter-clockwise pattern around the edges of the battlefield. If bump into enemy then ram like kamikaze-style. Tracking: No specific target to lock on. Any robot caught in radar's narrow beam of sight becomes my victim. Firing: Fires near full-power at spotted enemy. Wh

trawler - Trawler crawls awl.

Trawler crawls awl.

cls - Nikon CLS/AWL hacks

Nikon CLS/AWL hacks

awl - Exploring and Decoding Nikons AWL protocol with Python

Exploring and Decoding Nikons AWL protocol with Python