awk4j (AWK for Java Platform)

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AWK~plus is the next generation script practice environment. The AWK Language specifications and a main extension of GNU GAWK. Combination of Dynamic and Static typing. Parallel computing that a lock is free, and is thread safe at a language level.



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What is Ourmine?Ourmine is a data mining toolkit built to be easily learned/taught. It implements a variety of languages constructed in a modular way, providing the opportunity for easy extendability. Ourmine featuresEasily obtained and can be run from any UNIX based operating system, including OSX & Linux Without the complications of a GUI, advanced data mining concepts can be taught effectively through the use of just a few commands Ourmine utilizes a modulated structure, allowing experiments

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Overviewcltool4j is a simple framework intended to speed development of command-line tools in Java. Some systems, especially scripting languages, handle argument parsing and I/O intrinsically, leaving the developer to concentrate on the actual task. Java provides a huge array of libraries and tools, but simple argument and I/O handling in Java require considerably more code than in Awk, Python, Perl, etc. So a Java developer is often torn between quick development in a scripting language and des

Uploadprj - upload all into this

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