Awesome Scripts

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A script collection for use on personal web projects, all written in PHP with MySQL-Support.



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A JavaScript library that makes doing complicated things on a web page yourself. AwesomeScripts tries to get you to treat the HTML page as a declarative way of creating your UI, much like WPF and XAML.

Awesome-script - AwesomeScript

JavaScript library created to encapsulate HTML pages and allow easier and quicker development of JavaScript based projects. The library will "wrap" all elements with a given ID and allow easier modification various page elements. Intellisense fully supported for Visual Studio and other IDE's supporting metadata-style comments.

Awesomescript - Script Editor for Anarchy Online

IntroductionThis Editor is meant to be a more convineant way to make chatscripts for Anarchy Online. Normally, Scripts are written like this: <a href="text://<div align=center><font color=#0000FF>Jerusha's Tradeskill-Services</font><br><br><font color=#00FFFF>Carbonum Armor<br>(up to QL180)<br><br>Making Bloodplasma from Monsterparts<br>(gives you remarkable more <font color=#700000>money</font> if you sell it)</div>">Jerusha's Tradeskill Service</a>And all needs to be in 1 (!) Line. Not very in

AwesomeScript - AwesomeScript to PHP translator.

AwesomeScript to PHP translator.


A collection of AWESOME scripts that can be injected to make Web Apps more awesome, via Greasemonkey, TamperMonkey, Standalone Chrome Extensions, or Nativefier.