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AWBot is an easy to use tool to test a web site.: AWbot connects to your web site and make URL requests like any other visitors. AWBot is not a web indexing robot but a web client tool that emulate some visitors browsing on your site to test its reliab



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Robocode-asw-awbot - My distribution of robocode

This distribution of robocode implements the idea of using different fighting techniques when the robot is trying to deal with various fighting techniques in order to handle both long-range and short-range attacks. Once attack from opponent is determined as long-range attack, this robot uses more turns on evading than attacking to prevent opponent who is also moving along. Once a bullet hit the opponent, this robot gradually increase the gun power, this speeds up the killing process when it is f

awbot - Arch Women IRC bot

Arch Women IRC bot

awbot-greeter - Arch Women IRC welcome bot

Arch Women IRC welcome bot

awbot-logr - Arch Women IRC logging bot

Arch Women IRC logging bot