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Programmer for Atmel AVR microcontrolers that uses PC parallel port to program the device in serial mode. The device can be programmed quot;in-systemquot;. Comes with a schematic of the hardware required. Hardware designed to be simple, efficient and unexpensive.




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Cprc-xiphos - Library and sample code for the Xiphos microcontroller board used by the Cal Poly Robo

This project contains the user library, sample applications, bootloader, datasheets, and other documentation for the Xiphos Board created by Darron Baida primarily for the Cal Poly Robotics Club. Though targeted towards Xiphos users, some of the code may be useful for other AVR microcontrollers. All microcontroller code is written in C, using the avr-libc library, though a sample C# GUI control program will be added within a month or so. A few parts of the library are derived from code written b