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Avrora is a suite of tools for analyzing and debugging programs for AVR microcontrollers. It has support for a sensor platforms such as Mica2 and MicaZ, allowing wireless network simulation and allows dynamic instrumentation and static analysis.




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Snee - Sensor NEtwork Engine

The SNEE (SNEE for Sensor NEtwork Engine) query optimizer is a novel query optimizer for sensor networks and other streaming data sources. SNEE combines a rich, expressive query language with a software architecture based on an extension of traditional distributed query processing techniques. Unified SNEEThe is the new version that we are working on, available from the SVN, which will allow querying both sensor networks and other sources. It supports TinyOS 2.1. Instructions for the SNEE develop

avrora - avrora schedule

avrora schedule


This is an unofficial mirror of the Avrora project http://compilers.cs.ucla.edu/avrora/