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avOS Aims to be a replacement for the archos AV300 O/S firmware. This will either be achieved by porting linux to the Archos, writing a custom O/S from scratch, or writing a custom JVM from scratch. The Archos AV300 uses a TMS320DSC25 ARM7 based DSP.




Related Projects


avoCADo is a 3D design and modeling program (CAD) which aims to be a collaborative tool with an intuitive user interface for both engineers and artists alike. avoCADo is open source under the GPL.

Geocraft - GeoCraft is lightweight framework for rapidly prototyping and deploying new geoscience al

GeoCraft consists of: a general purpose geoscience development platform the ABAVO perspective for performing AVO analysis the GeoMath perspective that contains geoscience algorithms simple visualization and data exploration tools GeoCraft is not designed to be a seismic data processing system, nor is it a replacement for seismic interpretation applications.

Mañana MVC Framework

Extension for ASP.NET MVC. This project helps MVC developers to simplify route management in web application. Using this extension you can represent your route as a class and use OOP principals to create hierarchy of routes. This extension solves following problems: 1. Avo...

Avos-krnl - avos - A Very small Operating System

avos is a simple and small operating system. It it so small that I would rather call it a framework, not an OS. It is designed to be used on basic embedded devices. The main idea is to avoid multitasking and thus redundant context switching. So, simplicity is the major feature of this operating system.

Deliciousdroid - DeliciousDroid - Android Delicious App

DeliciousDroid is an Android client app for the Delicious social bookmarking service. With the uncertainty of Delicious' future, I have personally moved my bookmarking over to Pinboard and have ported DeliciousDroid over to their api as PinDroid. UPDATEWith the Avos!Delicious relaunch, many features of Yahoo!Delicious have been removed or changed. Many of these changes have not been reflected in the API, so at the moment, there's nothing I can do as far as fixing DeliciousDroid. What should be w

Arcwelder - Techniques and software to get remote root access on the Archos 605 wifi personal media

UPDATEGFT technique works on Archos 604, 605, and 705 wifi models You can download a kitchen sink rootfs build (everything I could get to compile out of the Archos GPL tarball out of the box) from http://www.remix.net/archos/ax605_rootfs.tar.bz2 You can enable scp/sftp by either fixing the config to reference sftp/ssh from /tmp/ssh, or just hex edit the defaults in sshd. I haven't made this change in arcwelder-1.0.zip, this change will be made and a new archive will be uploaded (soon?). WARNINGT

bbs - avos bbs

avos bbs

lunch-lottery.go - Lunch Lottery of AVOS china team in golang

Lunch Lottery of AVOS china team in golang

avoscloud-sdk - AVOS Cloud SDK repository.

AVOS Cloud SDK repository.

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