Application Version Manager

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Application Version Manager is designed to enable multiple versions of the same application (i.e. Mozilla) to be accessible to a user or developer. The user/developer would simply choose the version required and use avm to load the version required



Related Projects

Python-avm-library - Python-AVM-Library

Python AVM LibraryThe Python AVM Library is a library for parsing, manipulating, and serializing Astronomy Visualization Metadata (AVM) in the XMP format. It is a light wrapper around the Python XMP Toolkit, simplifying the manipulation of AVM-specific fields. Python AVM Library is being developed by: ESA/Hubble - European Space Agency ESO - European Southern Observatory What is AVM?The astronomical education and public outreach (EPO) community plays a key role in conveying the results of scient

Mikrokosmos - mk is a pure-php classes collection for swf files: create/edit/content report

mikrokosmos is an experimental php project that require no extensions but zlib, compatible with php4 and 5. some features: - xml content report - vector inkscape svg to swf conversion - deconstruct swf - build swf from scratch, use as assets to embed in mtasc/haxe/flex - tiny avm1 disassembler/assembler, compatibile with flasm

J2swf - Java library for parsing and generating Flash SWF files (aka JavaSWF)

UPDATE - June 16, 2011 - I could not escape Flash. I'm finding that I actually need to resurrect and use the j2swf and (maybe j2avm) tools for a commercial project. I don't want to continue writing Java, so I might start adding new code in Clojure, or lift the whole thing up into a model and use code-generation. I'll write a new post when things are figured out. See J2SWF is the ongoing maintenance and

Gralej - Interactive viewer for Attribute-Value matrices

Gralej is an interactive viewer for (trees of) Attribute-Value matrices. It is used primarily to visualize the parse results of the grammar implementation platform TRALE. Demo Java applets: An HPSG grammar Yet another another HPSG grammar

Isdn-capi-for-java - A wrapper library (and much more) for accessing the ISDN CAPI from Java

A detailed description will be added later. There is no release version yet. This project is discontinued. Contact me if you find anything of use or want to take over.

TeleDat USB 2 a/b

Modified AVM Modul to work with the TeleDat USB 2 a/b ISDN-Box from quot;Deutsche Telekomquot;


This project uses the Qt version 4 library do display with a GUI the internal traffic counter of a Fritz!Box 7270 and similar devices of AVM. Telnet access has to be enabled at the FritzBox.

ZephyrSoft Toolbox

A bunch of tools for various purposes - lyrics presentation on a digital projector, CD copying organisation, an AJAX-based address book, Joomla! add-ons, software for monitoring incoming calls using FLI4L and AVM's Fritz!Box. Just something for everyone