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Self balancing AVL tree with Concat and Split operations.



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Go-avltree - AVL tree with some useful extensions written in Go

An AVL tree (Adel'son-Vel'skii & Landis) is a binary search tree in which the heights of the left and right subtrees of the root differ by at most one and in which the left and right subtrees are again AVL trees. With each node of an AVL tree is associated a balance factor that is Left High, Equal, or Right High according, respectively, as the left subtree has height greater than, equal to, or less than that of the right subtree. The AVL tree is, in practice, balanced quite well. It can (at the

Silgoon-avltree - AVLtree, SelfRestructuring Splay

implement AVLTree, implement SelfRestructuring Splay

Symbion Simple Class Library

SSCL is a small, secure C++ library with some useful data types (list, avltree), stream handling, networking support, lexical analyzer, etc. SSCL's primary goal is to help daemon development in C++.

Java-educational-avl-tree - This is a Java class that demonstrates the mechanics of an AVL-tree.

An AVL tree is a self-balancing binary search tree, which is able to guarantee log(n)-time adding, finding and removing of elements. (AVL stands for the names of the tree's inventors G.M. Adelson-Velskii and E.M. Landis.) This class is not meant to be used in applications but intends to explain the features of such a tree to e.g. students. Even though many examples of AVL trees exist in the Internet few of them succeed in highlighting its functionality and I hope that reading my clearly structur

Avl-tree - �rvore AVL

o nome diz tudo!

Treep - Lisp-like language for processing avl binary trees

WHAT IS TREEP?Treep is a simple language for doing symbolical computations. It operateson numbers and strings that can be organized in more complex objects. Theseobjects are lists of name-value pairs that are stored in memory as AVLtrees. It has about sixty built-in functions to operate on such data anda way to define new functions. Treep syntax very much resembles Lisp.Power of treep is it's simplicity.Treep reads expressions from standard input and evaluates them until end offile is reached. E

Crisscross - A lightweight cross-platform C++ library for rapid application development.

AboutCrissCross is a small C++ library which assists in rapid game and application development. It provides multiple data structures and cross-platform wrapper classes for doing file I/O, processor identification, hashing, sorting, and TCP and UDP sockets. CrissCross is currently used in Onlink, as well as the Mac OS X version of Uplink. BuildingPrerequisitesAll Platforms CMake 2.6 Mac OS X Xcode 2.3 or later Windows Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 (or later) or MinGW Everything Else GCC 4.2 or later

avltree - AVL-tree library for Python

AVL-tree library for Python

AVLTree - A simple AVLTree Exercise in Scala / Java

A simple AVLTree Exercise in Scala / Java

AVLTree - My own attempt to implement AVLTree.

My own attempt to implement AVLTree.