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AvisynthWrapper is unmanaged 32-bit library against perfect frameserver Avisynth, sutable for P-Invoke etc.




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Avisynth rev. 2

Avisynth is a scripting language and a collection of filters for simple (and not so simple!) non-linear video editing tasks. It frameserves video to applications.

Avisynth on Linux

To Get Avisynth working smoothly under Linux (and other x86 OSs) while maintaining binary compatibility with existing plugins.

Video Editors Toolkit

A collection of cross-platform utilities to assist the video editing process including a lossless video codec and enhanced Premiere plug support for AviSynth.


Resizing algorithm for Avisynth.


BeHappy is AviSynth-based audio transcoding tool.

Avisynth Bilateral filter on GPU

This avisynth filter use GPU to compute the multipassable bilateral filter. Useful for removing the noise from highly compressed anime.


AviSynth audio decoder for ac3, dts, mpeg and other uncompressed audio formats.


SwiftAVS is a tool written in Visual Basic .NET that generates scripts for AviSynth Frameserving Tool. It supports AviSynth v2.5x and uses many popular filters written by random people.


Celluloid is the world's first AVISynth-based non-linear editor. Built on the new, cross-platform AVISynth 3.0 and for Mac OS X, Celluloid will be the first fully-featured, free, and open-source video editing system available.

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