Avisynth on Linux

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To Get Avisynth working smoothly under Linux (and other x86 OSs) while maintaining binary compatibility with existing plugins.




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Simple tool for creating movie files (eg avi, mpg...) or AviSynth script from JPG images sequence using FFmpeg encoder. Based on quot;pho2moviequot; idea.

Avisynth2linux - Collection of shell scripts that help installing and using AviSynth 2.5.x on Linux.

Currently this project holds two bash scripts: getavisynth downloads AviSynth 2.5.8, avs2yuv and some essential plugins and installs them within a self-contained directory tree. runavs is a helper script for running AviSynth through Wine and avs2yuv. It is installed by getavisynth. Prerequisites: Wine; preferably a recent version, but at least 1.0 and later should work. Use packages supplied by your distribution if possible. These dependencies are probably already installed in a standard desktop

TrimSubs - Cut and resync text subtitle files according to Trims in an existing Avisynth script

Cut and resync text subtitle files according to Trims in an existing Avisynth script


yasy(Yet Another aviSYth) is a script based video editing program for linux, inspired by avisynth.


A project to make a node-based avisynth script editing system, primarily as a way to teach myself how to program.


The beginning of a pyQT based encoding application that uses Avisynth, x264 and mplayer in order to create hardware-compatible, possibly-VFR video.

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