AvetanaBluetooth JSR-82 implementation

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AvetanaBluetooth is a Java/JNI-Implementation of JSR-82 for Linux and J2SE. AvetanaBluetooth allows Programmers to easily use and offer Bluetooth services.




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Client and server for remote controlling of PC with mobile device via Bluetooth connection. There are J2ME midlet and server on base of AvetanaBT API. For Linux only now, but perhaps will be for Windows too.

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SnkVnc enables you to view and control your desktop computer by using a handheld device running python for S60 platform. Featuresview the remote display on a handheld device using a bluetooth connection JPEG compression & remote screen buffering enables almost real-time screen updating password authentication mouse movement by using joystick keys text input to remote device RequirementsSnkVnc comprises of a server written in java and a client written in python. Server requirements: JRE >= 1.5 Av