Acquired Virtual Distribution

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AVD is a continuation of the swim project. The goal is to create a suitable SQL server from swim's not-installed DB, and to maintain the swim client. AVD will be used as a gBootRoot method.



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Droidbox - Android Application Sandbox

IntroductionDroidBox is developed to offer dynamic analysis of Android applications. The following information is shown in the results, generated when analysis is ended: Hashes for the analyzed package Incoming/outgoing network data File read and write operations Started services and loaded classes through DexClassLoader Information leaks via the network, file and SMS Circumvented permissions Cryptography operations performed using Android API Listing broadcast receivers Sent SMS and phone calls

Android-emacs-toolkit - toolkit for emacs to develope android ndk and sdk program

Readme for android-emacs-toolkit Table of Contents 1 WHATE IS ANDROID-EMACS-TOOLKIT FOR 2 FOLDER STRUCTURE 3 USAGE 3.1 For Windows users 3.2 For Ubuntu users 4 RUNNING EXAMPLES 5 MORE INFORMATION 6 LICENSE 7 AUTHOR'S WORDS 1 WHATE IS ANDROID-EMACS-TOOLKIT FOR Android-emacs-toolkit helps to build android development environment on emacs. It contains a emacs major mode which help to develop android sdk and ndk program. It provides support for create new avd, launch avd, create new android project,

Sends - 学习试使用android,底层学习android

Welcome to the Android SDK! If you've downloaded the Android SDK for the first time... Follow the online guide to Installing the Android SDK, which will help you setup your development environment (including the Android Development Tools plugin for Eclipse) so you can start developing Android apps. Once your environment is setup, look at the Next Steps for some suggestions on how to begin learning about Android. If you've just installed new SDK components using the SDK and AVD Manager... There's

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Small demo for Google I/O 2010 for the Buzz API on Android that uses the new experimental Java client library for Google API's version 2.2.0-alpha: Install the Android Eclipse plugin using these directions: Download the Subversive Eclipse plugin using these directions: In your Eclipse workspace: Preferences: Android; setup SDK locat

avd - AVD(AWK Visual Debugger)

AVD(AWK Visual Debugger)


avd is a Python command-line tool to manage Android Virtual Devices.


Automatically create and start clean Android AVD snapshots for testing, with an emphasis for DEV@cloud.

avd - Ansible + Vagrant + Docker

Ansible + Vagrant + Docker