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Multiuser HylaFAX PHP/MySQL Web interface for viewing faxes online, downloading amp; emailing in PDF format, and categorizing amp; archiving all sent and received faxes.




Related Projects

Rvs2avant - Import fax from the old RVS COM to AvantFAX

This perl script is useful if you need to import all your IN/OUT faxes from the old and now unsupported RVS-COM fax software to AvantFAX/HylaFAX system. All that you need is your old .SFF fax file and the fax files descriptor .ADR.

Hylafaxbackup - Hylafax Backup Gui

hylafaxBackup is a smart gui written in php to backup/restore all fax stored in any hylafax/avantfax server. It could copy all data to external drive (like usb hard-disk or pen drive) or remotely on any ftp server. So if your server will crash, fax images and mysql data are stored in a secure tar+gzip archive on an external device or in a remote ftp server. hylafaxBackup also show some statistics and graph about the load of your server, like fax received for any days, month or year. It uses Goog

avantfax - Our customized Avantfax

Our customized Avantfax