Spirent Avalanche Fiddler plugin

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Basic Fiddler Plugin for recording Avalanche Scripts ('action lists' in Avalanche speak.) This is a barebones project with only a few lines of code.




Related Projects

curl-loader - web application testing

A powerful C-written web application testing and load generating tool. It uses HTTP, FTP and TLS/SSL stacks, simulating tens of thousand users / clients each with own IP-address. The goal is to provide an alternative to Spirent Avalanche and Ixia IxLoad.

AvalancheImagineBundle - Image manipulation using Imagine and Twig Filters

Image manipulation using Imagine and Twig Filters

Testing cryptographic hash functions

Utilities for measuring characteristics of cryptographic hash functions: avalanche property, (partial) collision search, Maurer's universal statistical test, Filiol's Mobius ANF statistical analisys. EdonC, EdonR, MD5 and SHA-1 hash-plugins included.

Fiddler-firephp-inspector - Display FirePHP Headers in Fiddler2

An extension to Fiddler2 to parse & display FirePHP headers.

Avalanche-wx - Increase your productivity with avalanche.

Pomodoro inspired software to increase productivity and overcome activation barriers. Uses wxPython for GUI.


Improved HTML inspection for Fiddler.

TangoXmlView Fiddler Inspector

Fiddler inspector that displays XML requests

Avy-app - Check the avalanche danger forecast on your android device

Check the avalanche danger forecast on your android device for select states in the US. Quick forecasts for Colorado will be implemented first. We hope to add Utah, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, and anystate else willing to give up their data in a nice easy-to-parse format :)

Fiddler AMF Parser

AMF (Action Message Format) Parser for Fiddler2

BuiltWith Fiddler Integration

Project Description BuiltWithFiddler adds BuildWith functionality to the HTTP Debugging Proxy Fiddler. It helps to determine the underlying technologies used in HTTP responses. www.builtwith.com www.fiddler2.com It is written in C# by Andy at Bare Web