Ack!Mud Visual Area Editor (AVAE)

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Ack!Mud Visual Area Editor is an editor to modify and create Ack!Mud area files more easily than the in-game area editor. Built using Java SWT/JFace.



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AVaRICE is a program for interfacing the Atmel JTAG ICE to GDB to allow users to debug their embedded AVR target.

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Anjuta AVR EnvironmentThis project is dedicated to transform Anjuta, the GNOME IDE, into a great AVR development environment. Integrating existing toolsCurrently there are quite some existing tools on Linux which can be used for AVR development, like AVR specific version of GCC (compiler), GDB (debugger) and some GDB servers like simavr, simulavr (two simulators) and AVaRICE (JTAG-GDB bridge). This project wants to integrate these tools into one integrated solution, comparable with AVR studio, t

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Welcome to v8-juice!v8-juice (v8 (J)avaScript (U)serland (I)ntegratable (C)omponents (E)mporium) is a C++ library for extending the v8 JavaScript engine. It includes components such as a flexible type-conversion API, utilities for creating new JS-side classes from C++, binding near-arbitrary native functions to arbitrary JS objects, and a plugins API (with several plugins binding popular 3rd-party libraries). And its got more docs than the whole of v8 itself (yes, v8 developers, that is a challe

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