AV Mirror

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quot;av-mirrorquot; is a small shellscript that downloads and mirrors Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition's update packages on a Local Area Network. We are still looking for developers or other people who want to help keeping this project alive.




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Video Mirroring is a milestone app in the history of computer apps that allows its users to operate and also show the world what they are operating. This is done with the help of a cable called the Digital AV adapter.


This is a mirror / fork of canonical repository hosted at SourceForge. This repository has some additions in the develop branch: rough Objective-C wrappers (primarily geared toward writing a Media Control Point) and the iPhone sample app (CocoaTouchBrowser) has been implemented (it can browse MediaServers and can rudimentarily control MediaRenders). Platinum itself is a cross-platform C++ library for discovering, controlling or implementing UPnP devices. Contains sample code for a UPnP AV Media