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The Autshumato project was created to develop and release open source translation tools. For more information on the project and released tools visit the website:



Related Projects

Autshumato ITE

Autshumato Integrated Translation Environment is a free computer aided translation application. It provides a single translation environment that contains translation memory, machine translation and a glossary to facilitate the translation process.

Autshumato PTE

Autshumato PTE (PDF Text Extractor) is a utility application which extracts the text from PDF documents with the aim of making it translatable. It is also able to extract the pages of the PDF document as PNG images.

Autshumato TMX Integrator

It's a utility application for updating and integrating translation memories, created by the Autshumato ITE, over a network. Licensed under the TMate Open Source License and free to download and be used by anyone.

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