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AutoUpdater is a Java API and a program to automatically install code from a web server to a client. Clients running it will mirror the target directory structure from the server. Supports compressed server files and incremental updates.



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Omaha - Software installer and auto-updater for Windows

Omaha, otherwise known as Google Update, is a program to install requested software and keep it up to date. So far, Omaha supports many Google products for Windows, including Google Chrome and Google Earth, but there is no reason for it to only support Google products.


Downloads and organises lecture recordings from UQ's Blackboard site.


Fixing bugs and adding new features is a part of developing software applications.This sample application is developed in C# as a library with the project name “AutoUpdater”. The DLL “AutoUpdater” can be used in a C# Windows application(WinForm and WPF).

Sharp AutoUpdater

Sharp AutoUpdater is a C# component that will automatically update your .NET application. Using XML configuration files, the AutoUpdater component detects if there is a new version of the software, downloads, unzips, and installs the new files.

Javaupdater - A simple Java api to update applications over the web

Java updater is a standalone autoupdater for Java-based applications. It manages checking for updates over the web, downloading updates, providing user feedback and download progress, application shutdown and restart, and file backup and copy. Java updater consists of a single java file which you compile and ship with your application. A client file .autoupdater and a server side file provide the properties required to update the application. A jar file containing the same autoupdater class is h

Applicationautoupdater - Application auto updater.

If you need to update your application for Windows on many computers in enterprise, autoupdaterserver.exe help you do this by coping files to ftp server, automatically create XML file with RSA signature for all of your project files. When autoupdaterclient.exe start he check signature of project files installed on computer and on ftp server and if need it updates project files on your computer.

NetSparkle - AutoUpdate for .NET Developer

NetSparkle is an easy-to-use software update framework for .NET developers on Windows, MAC or Linux. It was inspired by the Sparkle ( project for Cocoa developers and the WinSparkle ( project (a Win32 port).

Spotifycontrol - A simple way to control spotify without opening the main window

A simple project designed to help the user control the spotify player without opening the main window. With Aero integration and customizable global hot-keys and notifier showing when the track has changed, lyrics downloading and auto-updater and soon remote control and external artist/album track navigation. This application requires .NET Framework 3.5 to work. Download it from here: Pro


Auto-updater for Windows Desktop applicatons.