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A very simple application that translates a block of text from one language to another. Like the online Google translate service, this program supports automatic detection of the input language for translation. Requires an internet connection to work.



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Autotranslator - python everything translation using

using you can instance this python module and translate anything, in all the languages that already do. and more! as has a method to translate, exists another class, which translate all the methods and attributes of a given class. to see the power of this utility, we can call translateMe() function and all the methods will be in the selected language, even the (after called) traduceMe() one in spanish for example ;) intelligence in your hands... or in your screen.. whateve


Developers can build a translations database to enable quick localization of an application. Translations can be re-used in different applications for export as .resx files, Java .properties and XUL/JavaScript bundles. WPF interface, auto-translation and more! Developed in C#.

Browsernotice - Super easy way to handle site visitors with outdated browsers

Note: We will be releasing this very soon, stay tuned. The ProblemThere are still masses of people who stick with ancient browsers that are slow, insecure, and inaccurate. Web designers usually have only two options: Focus on modern browsers, forcing users of outdated browsers into a degraded site, generic style sheet, or generally leaving them in the dark about their browser misfortune. Spend a great deal of time and budget creating a site or application that is as backward-compatible as possib

Po-auto-translator - Auto translator of PO files with help of google translate API in pure JavaSript

UPDATE 2012-03-03 Google now deprecate v1 API on base of which this project was done and made v2 version paid. So this project is no longer works and not actual. Many online services just doesnt` want to work. So I wrote this little piece of JS code to solve the problem of auto-translating po-files.

Ffximev2 - Final Fantasy XI Macro Editor (FFXI ME!) v2 by Yekyaa

This is an offline Macro Editor built to run on Windows Operating Systems (WinXP and later). Designed to allow one to edit in-game Macros for the game Final Fantasy XI with support for Windows commands, Clipboard Support, and Auto-Translate phrase support.

Bashtranslator - Bash autoTranslator from english to hebrew

This simple script , translates english subtitles to hebrew , using google translation. Submitted by Nathan on August 15 / 2009.

Multi-language-translation - Automatically translate a webpage (containing text in more than one lan

Multi-Language Translation ScriptNews22nd January 2010: Version 0.2.5 of script released! This update fixes a bug that could cause script errors and crashes on certain sites - please see the Important Information about upgrading to this version... 18th January 2010: Version 0.2.4 of script released! By default, new site visitors will now be asked if they want to switch to their native language (auto-detected based on their browser / system settings). Alternatively, the webmaster can now specify

Fractal-mountain - Recursively generated mountain in OpenGL

See description at ...autotranslated to English:

cs.autotranslate - Autotranslate the contents of a folder

Autotranslate the contents of a folder

gtranslatecmd - An auto-translate plugin for xchat

An auto-translate plugin for xchat