Automated Trading Platform

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Home of Automated Trading Platform. Trading Platform that can trade on auto pilot based on some simple defined rules. Am working on architecture and implementation of initial functionality. If interested, watch this space.



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Openforex-special - Special modified version of OpenForex project

The original designer of OpenForex left a half done project, I started at where he stopped, and now have this special version. For someone who want to code for MT4 extension in a separated process with .NET platform support or in C#/VB.NET language, this is what you're looking for. The original OpenForex focus on GUI, especially charts. This is not whatever I'm interested. I'm interested in Auto-Trading bot, a good trading algorithm implemented in C#, although I've got no one yet. But you may ha

Forexmessenger - Forex messenger is the first open source messenger of its kind, especially designed

Forex messenger is the first open source messenger of its kind, especially designed for foreign exchange traders. This messenger has forex charts and real-time forex quotes. Also, the users are able to share charts and discuss about the market, and receive email alerts when a currency price reaches to predefined point. If you are a C# (csharp) programmer, we need you… please contact me at Three Software: 1- FX RATE SERVER 2- CHAT SERVER 3- CLIENT Please visit WIKI p

Msats - mobile stock auto trade system

This project devotes to develop stock auto trade system used in smart phone(eg.Nokia N72).Develop Language is pys60

Darkon - Darkon Ragnarok Online Este servidor es Mid rates sus rates 500x/500x/100, su objetivo es darles diversion y ayudar a sus jugadores...el servidor cuenta con Healer, Job Master, Warper, Rental NPC/s, ... y mucho mas. Tambien sus GM son muy amigables y dispuestos a ayudarte todo el tiempo, ya que ellos estara online minimo un 50% del tiempo, y realizaran eventos unicos del servidor y los mas divetidos que habras participado. Comandos para user son : @ storage - go - mail - pettalk - autoloot - alo

AutoSearch - Android AutoTrader search

Android AutoTrader search


A market analyzer for RuneScape


A set of script for you to trade any financial product in market