AutoSaver for FSX

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Simply save your FSX flights at a customizable interval of time (minutes)



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FlightGear Mac OS X

FlightGear Mac OS X is a Mac version of FlightGear, a multi-platform open-source flight simulator that provides very realistic flight experience on your computer. By installing a package you can fly around the world in the comfort of your own home.

The TileProxy Project

A realtime interface between Microsoft Flight Simulator X / 2004 and Internet based satellite map servers. Downloads satellite terrain at up to 30cm/pixel as you fly. The latest version adds a static photo scenery for FSX to speed up things!

SimConnect Config Tool

This little tool allows Flight Simulator X users to easily edit and setup their SimConnect configuration, e.g. in order to enable or disable remote applications such as FSXGET to connect to Flight Simulator X.

Vatsim flights on Google Maps

VatGM displays flights of VATSIM on a Google Map. It's written in JavaScript and does (almost) not require any server technologies. No installation is required.

FSX Google Earth Tracker

Google Earth Tracker for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. A little tool that acts as a server for Google Earth making it possible to show YOUR plane's and all AI aircraft's positions as well as course predictions in Google Earth (in real time).


This is a Microsoft Flight Simulator add-on to connect it to the Vatsim network.

FsxWs - WebServices for Microsoft FSX

WebServices for MS Flight Simulator. Get flights data as JSON, KML. !! Early stage, be patient !!

Android-fsx-gps - Android GPS for Flight Simulator X

A software that allows to use an android device as a GPS for Flight Simulator X

Flight-sim - Senior Design UCF

Flight simulator using a real cockpit and Microsoft FSX or X-Plane

Ukkm - Gostomel Airport Scenery

UKKM Gostomel (Antonov) Airport scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane FSX version released - UKKM for FSX FS2004 beta - UKKM for FS2004 X-Plane beta - UKKM for X-Plane

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